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New sports car Audi A1

For the first time, the new Audi A1 was presented in 2007 at one of the auto dealerships in Tokyo. At that time, it was a sports three-door hatchback, but already in 2008 the design underwent drastic changes, the world saw a five-door version of the car. The newest A1 configuration was demonstrated on June 18, 2018. The new car was introduced by the company as a second generation series, and has many improvements, both in terms of design and performance.

Design and dimensions

The Audi A1 was developed on the basis of the VW Polo platform, the new generation also received an improved version of this platform, a modified version of the power line. The manufacturer completely redesigned the heavy fuel units, as well as the design and interior of the vehicles. The company offers consumers a new A1 with an absolutely unique appearance. The car received narrowed aggressive headlights with darkened optics and a row of LED daytime running lights. The series has a small ventilation gap between the bonnet and bumper, and there are also changes in the large radiator grille. It has retained its original pentagonal shape, but instead of ribs, there are now hexagonal lattices. They give the car a more aggressive, sporty look. Embossed air intakes are installed at the corners of the bumper.

The rear of the car has interesting design solutions: spectacular brake lights with LED lamps, a small spoiler on the fifth door, and a designer diffuser on the bumper are especially beautiful. In general, the car turned out to be small, beautiful and aggressive, as befits a sports car of the Audi brand. The A1 is a premium subcompact hatchback with the following dimensions:

  • length - 4030 mm;
  • width - 1740 mm;
  • height –1400 mm;
  • weight - 1065 kg.

Audi claims the A1 has become one of the lightest hatchbacks on the car market. But, despite its small dimensions, the car has a pretty good roominess, the standard trunk volume is 335 liters, but with the seats folded down, you can reach a huge 1090 liters, which will allow you to carry more overall cargo. If you want to buy such a car, it is recommended to use the service – a dealer near me. This is a great option to make a good purchase.

Features of the basic configuration

The new generation A1 has completely abandoned diesel engines, but now the official dealer offers a choice of as many as 4 gasoline engines. The base 1.2 TFSI engine can develop 86 horsepower, is equipped with a special temperature drop control system, which helps to significantly reduce gasoline consumption. This version of the engine is equipped with a special five-speed gearbox. There are two more powerful 1.4 TFSI units with 122 and 185 hp. These samples have a compressor and a turbocharger, which will allow you to gain tremendous speed in seconds. Both motors are equipped with a 7-speed automatic transmission S-Tronic.

The company also introduced another 1.4 liter engine capable of gaining power of 140 horsepower; it is much more economical than its predecessors. The new motor can shut off multiple cylinders when maximum power is required. This solution is called "cylinder on demand". The system borrowed from large V8 cars helps the A1 to save gas, because under reduced loads, the cylinders no longer consume much fuel. The shutdown is independent and invisible to the driver, and this can only be recognized by a mark on the panel.

Unlike other cars in the series, the manufacturer changed several parts in the new A1. For example, the front levers and suspension, a sub frame was made of high quality steel. The rear semi-independent suspension received similar changes, the torsion beam was transformed. For better handling, the A1 series is equipped with a heading stability control system. When cornering, the inner wheel is able to brake, directing more traction to the outer wheel, which also improves the car's handling. Also, the car received a lot of electronic content: an internal access point to the World Wide Web, navigation, which has voice control. With such assistants, driving a car becomes much easier and more enjoyable.

Also, the car is equipped with bi-xenon LEDs with automatic switches for near and far modes; there is a panoramic roof and other additions. In general, the car is designed to give comfort and unforgettable driving emotions.

Authorized Dealer Benefits

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