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New Audi E-tron

The new Audi E-tron belongs to a series of all-wheel drive vehicles with an electric motor. They are intended for those people who have high incomes and care about the environment. Auto release has become an important event for the global market. Everyone is waiting for such models as they have the most modern innovative filling.

The public found out about the car for the first time in Frankfurt in 2015. It was the Audi e-tron quattro. It featured avant-garde design, stunning interior design, three electric propulsion systems and a powerful battery.

A large number of vehicles began to be produced in Brussels in 2018. The appearance of the car is attractive, audacious, sporty. The front part is remembered for its piercing lighting technology, a large radiator grill. At the back the car is equipped with powerful lights and has voluminous sides.

One year later the German manufacturer released a car with a new body. It was the Audi e-tron Sportback. The car has no exhaust pipe. It proves again that this is an ecological vehicle. Also the car is distinguished by widened wheel arches and powerful rear struts. This confirms the increased cross-country ability.

The interior of the Audi E-tron

The interior strikes the eye with space and unreal design. All car passengers will be able to see a separate world as soon as they open the doors and find themselves in the passenger compartment. They will be presented with a large instrument panel screen, a touchscreen monitor in the infotainment system and a climate-adjustable display.

The interior of the electric car line is distinguished by its minimalism, even the multifunctional, embossed steering wheel harmoniously fits into this picture.

The car can accommodate 5 passengers. Seats with increased ergonomics are located in front. They have pronounced sidewalls, dense filling and a large number of settings.

The interior is quite practical due to the spacious trunk. Its volume is 600 liters. If the rear seat is folded down the volume of the luggage compartment will double. More detailed information will be provided to the client by an official dealer.

Technical characteristics of the Audi E-tron model

The Audi E-tron has one modification - 55 quattro. It is equipped with 2 electric motors for a total of 360 horsepower. This sports car is equipped with a powerful battery. It allows you to drive up to 400 km on a single charge. The car accelerates to 100 km in 5.8 seconds.

If you charge the battery from a regular outlet using the base charger, then the full charge time will last up to 8 and a half hours. Using the optional 22 kW charger it will take only 4 hours. The fast charging station charges the battery in 30 minutes.

The main properties of these cars are: quiet driving, fast acceleration and comfortable handling. After using a vehicle with an internal combustion engine all this may seem unusual.


The sale of cars is very popular because they are equipped with a number of intelligent systems that are responsible for increased driver safety. Everything important is shown on the display. You can always see what the Vehicle is warning about. The center console is multitasking. It receives data from 6 cameras, 5 sensors, 12 detectors and other elements. These systems help the driver see the overall picture of the road on the display. And a number of systems provide calm and safe machine control. For example, the Pre Sense Front system monitors possible problems: in case of an approaching collision emergency vehicle braking is activated. A list of adaptive assistants can:

  • control the high beam when driving on the highway taking into account oncoming traffic;
  • apply acceleration or deceleration;
  • keep a certain speed in traffic jams.

These innovations distinguish these cars from all others. They provide maximum assistance and protection to the driver and all passengers. Everyone who cares about the environment and loves a high level of comfort can buy an Audi E-tron.

Comfortable control

This car series is distinguished by its comfortable handling. The vehicles are equipped with a special service that helps to control the charge reserve. It also gives information about the location of a nearby charging station. The built-in planner can create a route with all the stops where you will be able to charge the battery. There is also a remote climate control as well as other available options:

  • easy opening of the trunk by holding a leg under the bumper;
  • panoramic glass roof adds ride comfort to all passengers;
  • a special Air Quality package has a fragrance, a pollution sensor and an air ionizer protecting against exhaust gases;
  • Alex's assistant is controlled by voice, you can find out everything you want by saying her name.

These features make driving as comfortable as possible for both driver and passengers. If you want to purchase such a vehicle find a "dealer near me" and contact a specialist for information.




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