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Features of the  new Audi Q5 car series

The Audi Q5 is a series of compact crossovers that have been in production since 2008. Initially this line had 1 petrol car and 2 diesel models. These vehicles are equipped with a 7-speed automatic transmission. These are SUVs with a stylish, athletic appearance and the most innovative content.

Model range of the Audi Q5 series

This series of cars has several modifications:

  1. Audi Q5 8R is the first generation car that appeared in 2008. This machine is very dynamic, practical and functional. It features a four-wheel drive, a 7-speed automatic transmission and an innovative "stuffing". The transport motors are very powerful and efficient. After restyling the car received new power plants and an 8-speed gearbox. The standard equipment of the car is: fog lights, alloy wheels, a rear spoiler. As options there is a wide range of wheels, tinted windows, panoramic roof. The interior space is distinguished by decorative aluminum inserts, climate control, a leather steering wheel with a wide range of functions, heated seats, and a high-quality display of the multimedia system. Thanks to the presence of different sets of additional equipment you can personalize the appearance and interior of the car. The Audi Ku5 has properties that are reminiscent of a sports utility vehicle. For example the new chassis and five-link suspension ensure precise cornering and smooth straight road travel. Those who love maneuverability, safety and convenience want to buy such a car.
  2. Restyled version of the Audi Ku5 appeared in 2012. The machine is distinguished by increased safety because it has a lot of implemented systems. One of the functions allows you to select the mode for driving under different conditions. The vehicle is equipped with a mountain exit assistance system. In addition there are a lot of systems that are able to hold the car. It is a powerful SUV with modern equipment which is spacious and compact for city driving. It has a stylish design and excellent driving characteristics. It has a solid build quality so the car can delight the buyer with attractive external parameters for a long time.
  3. 2 generation Audi Ku5 represents the FY model released in 2016. The crossover has received a new design. It visually looks like the previous modification but the car has become large in size and light. The volume of the luggage compartment has also changed. It has become 10 liters more than that of the previous model. The car can be supplied with a gasoline engine or a diesel engine. Inside the car you can see a digital instrument panel with a large screen.
  4. The restyled version of the 2nd generation Audi Ku5 was the FY model that began to be produced in 2017. After 4 years of production a new modification with an improved modern design and changed technical characteristics was presented. This crossover also received other optics, an 8-angle grille and modified bumpers. In the interior space the multimedia system has been improved. Now it recognizes commands by voice. The power plants remained the same. The new Audi Q5 has standard equipment which includes:
  • LED optics;
  • heated seats;
  • a leather-trimmed steering wheel with a number of functions;
  • climate control;
  • parking sensors and others.

The sale of such vehicles is in great demand as they represent improved comfort and safety.


The manufacturer has taken care to make all modifications with high safety for the driver. Thus the transport is equipped with 7 airbags, three-point automatic belts for all 5 seats, special attachments for child seats and a number of auxiliary functions. To prevent impact injuries a head restraint system is provided here. The rear wheels and side members are specially designed to absorb impact energy. The fuel pump is able to shut off the moment it receives a collision signal. More information will be provided by an official dealer who knows a lot of nuances about the offered product.

The appearance of the Audi Q5 series versions is distinguished by brutality due to the front end and faceted lamps. The harmonious silhouette is formed by a long bonnet, large wheel arches and pronounced side sections. A high-quality finished interior with aluminum inserts, genuine leather and soft plastic emphasizes the luxury status of cars. As for the body it is made of durable grades of aluminum and steel. The “dealer near me” will help you to purchase any models of this series. To do this it is enough to find this service in a search system that is beneficial for buyers for many reasons. The main one is the opportunity to save money.

Audi Ku5 is an excellent choice for car enthusiasts who like free space in the cabin, comfortable control, increased safety and maximum driving pleasure.




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