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The Audi Q7 is a series of full-size crossovers that perfectly combine sportiness and versatility, modern technology and luxury. All models are equipped with four-wheel drive and a range of innovative systems that ensure safety and comfort while driving. The appearance of the cars is characterized by dynamic lines that emphasize the sporty character. The vehicles also received a large set of restraint systems: airbags, seat belts, child seat mountings and a number of active safety systems.

Such cars have high efficiency and control accuracy; they are able to accurately enter the turn. Powerful motors speak of agility, speed and strength. To buy a model from this series, you just need to enter "dealer near me" in the search engine. A specialist knows everything about cars and will help you choose a car in accordance with your requirements and preferences.

Model range of cars of the Audi Q7 series

This series includes several cars:

  1. The first off-road model of the brand was the large crossover Audi Q7 (4L). It was released in 2005. It is large inside and outside - the cabin can accommodate 5-7 people. The car has a permanent four-wheel drive. The basic configuration includes a 6-speed manual transmission, but later versions began to be equipped with automatic transmissions. At first, a gasoline engine was installed on the car, but after restyling, the car received a turbo engine.
  2. Generation 2 was released in 2015. The car differs from its predecessor in smaller size and weight. It got efficient motors, a multimedia system with a large display, a virtual instrument panel. The boot lid has an electric drive, which makes it easier to load and unload things. The fuel tank has been increased in volume so that you do not need to refuel the car on the way. As standard equipment, the second generation Audi Q7 received forged aluminum wheels, LED optics, multifunction steering wheel, climate control, heated front seats, and a rear spoiler with a brake light. An additional set of options includes: heated rear seats, a navigation system with a touchpad, and ventilation for the front seats. The vehicle is equipped with a standard suspension that provides comfort and balance while driving. Adaptive air suspension is available as an option. Standard safety systems include a set of airbags, restraint systems, light and rain sensors, cameras, parking sensors. This crossover shows a new level of development. Although it has become smaller, it does not cease to possess a full supply of versatility and an impressive volume of internal space.
  3. The new Audi Q7 appeared in 2019. The manufacturer updated the line of power installations, changed the interior and added a list of new options, and the exterior was also updated. For the first time, the car was presented as an optional version. It is equipped with redesigned main headlights. The headlights are LED as standard, but for a surcharge, you can get a matrix filling, which will increase the range of the main lighting. In addition, the bumpers have also been changed. After restyling, the car became larger. It received an independent suspension, but for a surcharge, you can order a pneumatic system. The luggage compartment can be up to 2020 liters, depending on the position of the rear seat backs. The vehicle is equipped with an 8-speed hydromechanical automatic transmission.

The sale of such models is popular because they are off-road vehicles with increased safety, which is an important aspect of driving.


The cars of the Audi Q7 series do an excellent job with many tasks. They do not care what the situation is on the road - they provide comfort and dynamics in any case. All-wheel drive of the models contributes to sporty handling, excellent traction and excellent cross-country ability. The steerable rear suspension complements the agility and makes driving incredible and exciting. An official dealer will help you find out about all the nuances of a car and get the most profitable model.

Maximum comfort

The transformation of the cabin is a distinctive feature of the Audi Q7. Thanks to the possibility of a third row of seats, it can accommodate up to 7 passengers. To increase the luggage compartment, you need to fold the backrests. Thanks to the touch control system of the door, you can load and unload things without touching them with your hands.

The appearance is striking in dynamics and power. The radiator grille and the large bumper with massive air intakes are immediately striking. The rear of the models in this series also looks aggressive and expressive. In profile, the cars look elegant and very dignified. These vehicles combine the features of a sports utility vehicle and an elegant crossover for city streets.

Buying one of these machines is a great choice for those interested in power, agility and sportiness. The increased level of safety, comfort, easy handling only add confidence in driving.


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