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Audi RS5 is an all-wheel drive car belonging to the premium segment (according to the classification provided in Europe). The two-door coupe has a stylish and memorable design. The technical equipment is presented here at the highest level. The best premium materials were used for the interior design.

The Audi RS5 was rerun at the Geneva Motor Show. An updated model was shown to viewers in March 2017. Externally, the car has become more similar to the representatives of its line, which have less power. Now a new engine has been installed in the car, which is familiar to many motorists from the Porsche Panamera 4S. The five-door model Audi RS5 was unveiled later in 2018 in New York. The car has incorporated the capabilities of a lift back and received a filling from a two-door Audi RS5.

We recommend purchasing a new Audi RS5 from an authorized dealer. This will make it possible to reduce risks without running into fraudsters. The car will be presented in all available trim levels. Managers will help you when choosing a car, tell you about all its technical advantages and capabilities. All cars are new, from the official manufacturer from Germany. There is a guarantee for the machines.

Characteristics and parameters of the Audi RS5

The second generation Audi RS5 has a striking appearance that sets it apart from the line of fifth models. With all the desire, it cannot be confused with other cars. What immediately stands out in the car:

  • large wheel arches;
  • powerful wheels measuring 19 inches;
  • aggressive air intakes;
  • pipes of the exhaust system in the form of ovals.

The car, despite its sporty, austere appearance, is very comfortable. There is a lot of space in the cabin for the driver and passenger. The length of the second updated model of the Audi RS5 has increased compared to the first version. Now it is 4723 mm. In width, the dimensions of the car are 1861 mm, if you take into account the side mirrors, they are equal to 2029 mm. The height of the machine is within 1360 mm. The center distance of the Audi RS5 is 2776 mm. For the five-door model, this dimension is 2824 mm respectively.

When buying a car, an official dealer is the best option. By making a purchase here, you will be confident in the quality of the car and its technical equipment. The buyer will be able to test and drive the car. Also check the serviceability of all systems and mechanisms. An authorized dealer has a full range of original spare parts for the machine in stock or on order.

Features of this model

Fully loaded and with the most powerful engine, the car weighs in the range of 1840 kg. This mass allows it to deliver high acceleration dynamics. The interior design of the Audi RS5 is difficult to confuse with other models in this line. The sporty version with a truncated lower part, trimmed with suede, immediately betrays its character. The seats are set like in sports cars, they have integrated head restraints. They are also stitched with red thread to fully match the sporty character.

These differences allow the car to stand out from its brothers in the lineup. You can also note the strict design of the body, the use of high quality materials for decoration. The luggage compartment of the Audi RS5 is 465 liters. The indicators are quite good. You can transport a certain number of things without any problems.

Engine and other features

The second generation Audi RS5 is equipped with a 2.9-liter gasoline engine. This is a V-shaped six, equipped with two turbochargers. Direct injection takes place here, there are four valves per cylinder. At 5500-6750 rpm, the engine produces 450 horses. The torque is 600 Nm at 1900-5000 rpm.

The unit operates in tandem with an 8-speed automatic ZF. The machine has a four-wheel drive quarto. The center differential distributes tractive effort in a rear-wheel drive ratio of 40 to 60. An active differential is also installed in front, which, if necessary, will transfer up to 85% of all power to the front axle.

The Audi RS5 coupe accelerates from 0-100 km / h in 3.7 seconds. The maximum speed is limited to 250 km/h. For lovers of very fast driving, if necessary, you can pay extra and get an additional maximum speed, up to 280 km / h. The manufacturer claims fuel consumption in the combined cycle of 8.7 liters per 100 kilometers. Agree, for a car with such powerful characteristics, this is not so much.

When an official dealer is near me, buying your dream car is more affordable than ever. Audi RS5 boasts a quality car body made of steel and aluminum. Also, the car has ventilated brake discs. The steering wheel, shock absorbers and springs of the German car come with sporty settings. As an additional option, you can order adaptive shock absorbers working according to different algorithms.

The coupe model received six airbags in the basic version. A three-zone climate control is installed. The salon has a combination of finishing materials, including leather and alcantara. The optics is all LED-based. A sports suspension and 21-inch wheels are installed. Also, a lot of modern equipment and various systems are installed here.



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