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New Audi RS Q3 – model highlights

The Audi RS Q3 is a series of sports crossovers that stand out for their stunning look and technical parameters. A line of several vehicles is presented that are in demand among all motorists. Powerful motors, innovative equipment, maneuverability are those qualities that have value at any time.

The first models had small body overhangs, a large angle of inclination of the front and rear roof pillars. In modern modifications the back door is wide. The bumper at the rear is equipped with a large tailpipe. The models have a specific combination of functions and elements in the cabin such as the remaining fuel can be seen on the speedometer and the engine temperature is displayed near the engine speed sensor. All information is shown on the main console display. An official dealer will help you to purchase one of the models of this series at a remunerative price as well as provide all the necessary information.

Model range of the Audi RS Q3 series

The series includes cars that are distinguished by impressive characteristics, these are:

  1. Crossover Audi RS Q3 appeared in 2012. It has a 5-cylinder engine with 340 horsepower, 7-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. The car was produced as a hatchback. The cabin can accommodate 5 people freely. The car is equipped with ventilated front brake discs, sports seats and 8-piston calipers. In 2015 the model was restyled and received a more powerful engine and some design updates. LED lights, xenon headlights, a leather steering wheel with a number of functions, a powerful audio system are excellent characteristics of transport. The cabin is finished with different quality materials. The aluminum inserts can be swapped for carbon elements to enhance the sporty look of the car. The standard set of the car includes front and side airbags, an assistant for driving uphill, an automatic parking function. The Audi RS Ku3 has excellent technical capabilities. It can accelerate up to 100 km in 5 seconds.
  2. The new Audi RS Q3 appeared in 2019. It was presented in two models: with a standard and a coupe body. The engine was also upgraded. Although it remained a 5-cylinder, the crankcase was installed from aluminum. The updated turbocharger develops an overpressure of up to 1.35 atm. The motor has become lighter in weight than its predecessors. Recoil has increased to 400 horsepower. A 7-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive remained as the transmission. Regardless of the body type the Audi RS Q3 can accelerate to 100 km in 4.5 seconds. The car can develop a speed up to 250 km / h. The wheel arches have also become larger due to the widened track. These models feature large air intakes, big wheels and contrasting mirror caps. The interior stands out with sports seats, a steering wheel with a truncated rim and an original design. On the exterior the suspension was changed and received an aggressive design. The 6-corner radiator grille with an unusual design is striking. An enlarged spoiler is installed at the stern. On the edges of the rear bumper there are 2 ovals which are the main distinguishing feature of the latest versions of the RS series.

The latest models have received 2 additional green and gray body shades: green and gray. You can replace the black decor with polished aluminum inserts for a surcharge. The interior is trimmed with leather (Alcantara). By default cars are equipped with a sports suspension and reduced ground clearance. A chassis with adaptive dampers is available as an option. The interior is distinguished by a powerful sports steering wheel with quality trim and seats with lateral support and head restraints. You can order bright colored inserts for a surcharge.

How to buy a new car

To purchase a new model of the RS Q3 series you just need to enter “dealer near me” in the search system. Thus you will find someone who can easily help you become the owner of a dynamic crossover. After restyling the following car improvements can be distinguished:

  • more sporty look outside and inside;
  • presence of a multifunctional steering wheel;
  • excellent sound insulation;
  • quality brakes;
  • a compact size of the crossover which makes it easy to drive around the city.

To buy the Audi RS Q3 model is recommended for those who value not only external parameters but also high-tech stuffing, maneuverability, sporty character. The models in this series are modern vehicles that provide maximum driving pleasure as well as a high level of safety and comfort. Thanks to the presence of a number of assistants all road information is displayed on the screen of the main console. Such functions help to promptly respond to dangerous situations arising on the way.




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