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New Audi S5 from a reliable dealer

Do you like speed and comfort while driving? Do you want to buy the perfect car, the parameters of which are not subject to any doubts? Choose the tried and tested German reliability – Audi S5. Such an iron friend will not let you down in any situation on the road, and you can enjoy your ride in complete safety and comfort. Our company will help everyone who wants to buy a car quickly, without unnecessary nerves, problems and costs. What we offer to our clients:

  • highly qualified staff who will help you make your choice;
  • a large selection of Audi cars of all series and models;
  • adequate cost of services without extra charges;
  • cooperation only with trusted and reliable dealers;
  • support in the preparation of documentation for the purchase and sale.

We use the convenient “dealer near me” service in our work. So each client will be able not only to view the car on the website, but also to conduct a live test drive, talk to the seller, check any details and functions.

Choosing a model

Since its premiere, the Audi S5 has appeared in three sporty variants. Like the elegant S5 Coupé, the cosmopolitan S5 convertible and the noble five-door S5 Sportback. The second generation, introduced in 2016, again occupies this triple division. The three-liter V6 engine produces 354 horsepower and 500 Nm. Whether it is an S or an RS model, the most important component of Audi's top sports models is a powerful car. Given the status and relevance of the series, it is clear that the manufacturer paid special attention to it. The second generation S5 is powered by a turbocharged V6 petrol engine. Before the driver allows it to test his nerves, he must convince in its high technical parameters. The device belongs to the VW EA839 family. The pedigree of these engines extends to the Porsche Panamera and Audi RS5. A three-liter variant called 3.0 TFSI (fuel consumption: 7.7 liters per 100 km, 174 g / km CO2 and energy efficiency class C) runs in the S5 Sportback. Like all gasoline engines of the recent past, it has the significant TFSI prefix. It is an acronym for Turbo Fuel Stratified Injection, which stands for direct injection of gasoline. The 3.0 TFSI injection pressure is an impressive 250 bar, i.e.

Important innovations in the S5 Sportback: attention to detail

Every official dealer will confirm that the Audi S5 is a combination of reliability, style and comfort. Improved technical parameters and unsurpassed appearance are proof of this. What's changed in the series:

  • the crankcase of the V6 engine is die-cast from an aluminum-silicon alloy, so the entire engine weighs just under 170 kg;
  • the raceways of the cylinders have a special coating, which reduces their wear;
  • a mechanical compressor gives way to a twin-scroll turbocharged engine mounted directly in the V;
  • 3.0 TFSI increases power by 20 horsepower and now develops 354 horsepower. from the maximum torque increases by a good 10% - from 440 to 500 Nm;
  • the range in which it can be called moves to the base speed between 1370 and 4500 rpm;
  • Sound waves that vibrate at the right frequency come out of the four oval exhaust pipes - and what gets from there to the ears of passengers and listeners should satisfy all tastes;
  • 3.0 TFSI reproduces every note, from a deep rumble in the lower speed range to an archaic hoarse trumpet sound in the tenor register;
  • the 8-speed automatic torque converter is smoother and more precise than the 7-speed S5 I dual-clutch transmission.

It's safe to say that the new Audi S5 is worthy of all the praise. To be behind the wheel of such a car means to get a lot of pleasure, and, if you wish, adrenaline.

S5 Sportback II: semi-autonomous and practical

The sale of this model, according to dealers, breaks all records. The main design element is the adaptive cruise control with an autonomous traffic jam assistant. It almost independently controls, brakes and accelerates the S5 to a speed of 65 km / h. This gives motorists ample opportunity to explore the intricacies of the "virtual cockpit" (digital instrument panel) and head-up display. As usual at Audi, learning and handling the materials and their handling is equally enjoyable  the S5 Sportback is no exception. Technical data Audi A5 Sportback:

  • number of l. from: min. 150 l. sec., max. 286 l. from.;
  • number of kW: min. 110 kW max. 210 kW;
  • type of drive: front or four-wheel drive 4x4;
  • type of transmission: manual or automatic;
  • type of fuel: gasoline or diesel;
  • consumption (mixed): min. 4.1 l / 100 km, max. 6.5 l / 100 km;
  • CO2 emissions: min. 106 g / km, max. 148 g / km;
  • efficiency class: min. A + max. C;
  • emission standard: Euro 6 and Euro 6.2 (green sticker with solid particles).

Whichever series or model you choose, the result will surely please you. The car will not let you doubt your choice and will serve for many years.


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