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New S7: choosing a dealer

Do you want a powerful, stylish and comfortable car where you can relax while driving and get real pleasure from the process? The new Audi S7 is exactly the car that is able to satisfy absolutely all expectations of lovers of speed and beauty. Our company will help everyone who wants to get an iron friend without much hassle. In the service market, you can easily fall for the bait of unscrupulous sellers. Therefore, you need to choose proven companies with sufficient experience and an ideal reputation. Benefits of working with us:

  • wide selection of Audi cars of all series and models;
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  • information and legal support at all stages of cooperation.

Our staff always meets every client halfway and is able to find a car that satisfies all customer needs. In addition, the company will help you draw up all the necessary documents for the purchase and sale.

Audi S7 – we buy quality and comfort

Any official dealer will be able to confirm that the Audi S7 impresses not only with its engine, but also with its unusual design. One of the hallmarks is the combination of a modern look, an incredibly powerful engine and a high degree of suitability for everyday use. In other words, the car is impressive both on the race track and when traveling with the family out of town or shopping. Hardly any car is better thought out today. The Audi S7 is a car without a direct predecessor, and it appeared at the IAA 2019. Two years earlier, the A7 was the launch model in the luxury class, and after the S7, the RS7 is undergoing further development. As the odd numbering indicates, the Audi RS7 is only available with a hatchback and offers elegant coupe or sportback lines. The technical basis is a modular longitudinal design kit of the Volkswagen Group, on which the entire elite of various brands and models is based. Shortly after the premiere, S7 won the title of World Luxury Car and also won the Design Trophy.

Features of the Audi S7

The S7 is still easily recognizable, but the wheel arches have been exposed even further and the car is four centimeters wider than the previous model. In the same parts, only the hood, roof, and front doors and boot lid are used, the rest of the components are original RS7. This also applies to the single-chamber grille with honeycomb in 3D optics and large air intakes. The line of windows rises to the rear, the taillights are designed as a light strip, and the rear spoiler automatically extends when the vehicle reaches a speed of 100 km / h. Of course, oval tailpipes shouldn't be missing, and the rear diffuser is also part of the design. The light signature is identified by a matrix LED.

Audi S7 in numbers

The Audi S7 measures 5.01 meters and thus confidently crosses the luxury line. The width is 1.95 meters, while the car remains fairly flat; its height is only 1.42 meters. We are still talking about a station wagon and therefore a vehicle with a very robust cargo area. Even when driving with five people, the trunk still holds 535 liters. And if you fold the rear seats, you can confidently reach 1390 liters. For a vehicle that is primarily focused on dynamism, these are remarkable figures, especially as loading is noticeably simplified by the touch-sensitive tailgate and air suspension. Thanks to all-wheel steering, the turning radius is reduced to 11.10 meters, which is a real sensation considering the length. It's no secret that because of such parameters, every lover of speed and elegant brutality dreams of buying just such a car.

Equipment and comfort

Any seasoned car enthusiast will quickly notice the emphasis on immense engine power and design. The equipment is also impressive, as reflected, for example, in 39 auxiliary systems. Among others are offered:

  • assistant at intersections;
  • lane departure warning with lane change warning;
  • assistant for emergency braking;
  • assistant, regulating the speed and distance to the vehicle in front;
  • curb warning signal.

Many functions are controlled via dual displays, including touch response and 360-degree camera views. Of course, the S7 also processes the driver's speech, so which works as an automatic air conditioner, and navigation can be controlled with words. Smartphones can also be integrated wirelessly, and those who love music can opt for a 19-speaker Bang & Olufsen audio system with 3D sound.

Motorization and drive

The Audi S7 engine was developed by the manufacturer Porsche and is one of the most powerful the groups has to offer. It is a four-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that powers 600 hp. with. The maximum torque is 800 Nm and of course it's all-wheel drive with an eight-speed Tiptronic. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.6 seconds, to 200 km / h in twelve seconds, and the maximum speed adjustable in the production version can be increased to 305 km / h. A mild hybrid system is also used to save fuel thanks to recuperation.


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