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New Audi SQ5

Audi manufactures vehicles of almost all types. However no matter what category a car belongs to, it is always a luxury vehicle with the highest level of workmanship. In addition to a wide range of coupes and sedans from Audi, today there are extremely successful crossovers on the market due to their excellent driving characteristics. In the S5 line the most advanced and powerful modification is the SQ5. First class technical performance pushed the company's marketers to separate this modification into a separate mode which allowed to consolidate its identity.

The Audi SQ5 is a full-size SUV that will perfectly handle narrow city streets and unpaved dirt roads. Despite its considerable size it is quite easy to drive it even for a person with little experience. On-board systems thought out in every detail make the operation of the Audi SQ5 as easy as possible. The high ground clearance and large rims allow you not to pay much attention to the road surface.

The sale of a car of this class as a rule is carried out only by an official dealer. In this case you get a car that is most prepared for sale with a factory warranty and all available functions. With the help of our website you will find a car showroom in a few minutes.

Model development

The release of compact crossovers by Audi coincided with a general rise in the popularity of this vehicle category at the end of the first decade of the 21st century. The strong growth in sales of SUVs is associated with the advantages that their design provides. On the one hand they have cross-country ability close to SUVs, and on the other hand the comfort and convenience of premium vehicles. According to reviews of motorists the strengths of these cars are:

  • high level of protection of the driver and passengers in case of an accident on the road;
  • large cabin allowing comfortable accommodation for five or more people;
  • roomy trunk;
  • the possibility to add the third row of seats in some models;
  • good driving performance on roads with almost any surface;
  • confident stability even at high speeds;
  • economical power plant.

The Audi S5 car series and its further development in the form of the Audi SQ5 model have all these properties. The urban SUV lineup of German manufacturers includes larger models but the SQ5 is designed for those who value reasonable vehicle dimensions and compactness.

Buying the new Audi SQ5 can be recommended to anyone looking for a spacious and versatile family car. It is convenient and comfortable for daily commuting to work and long trips for the whole family. With the help of our website you will quickly find a required vehicle in your region. Buying a car from a licensed dealer near me gives you more options for a reasonable price.

Technical merits

Audi is continuously developing the SQ5. Although the current generation of this compact SUV has been in production since 2017, it is constantly receiving updates in the form of new equipment and electronic components. Since the Audi SQ5 is a luxury car the most advanced components and assemblies are installed in it.

The standard engine for this model is a diesel unit with a displacement of 3 liters. Thanks to the twin turbocharging system it develops an output of 313 horsepower. With the help of our site you can choose a more powerful modification of the SQ5 equipped with a 354 horsepower gasoline engine.

Compared to the basic model the Audi SQ5 has a larger spoiler and a larger bumper. The car interior is distinguished by the best quality of finishing and the installation of branded nameplates  with the letter "S".

The undercarriage is an all-wheel drive transmission with an eight-speed robotized gearbox. Intelligent gear ratio selection allows this full-size vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 5.1 seconds.

Depending on the level of pre-sale preparation this machine may have the following technical features:

  • matrix or bi-xenon headlights;
  • LED direction indicators with sequential switching;
  • three-level seat heating system;
  • leather steering wheel.

The list of optional modifications for the Audi SQ5 is quite wide. Using our website you can choose a car for purchase with a complete set you are interested in.

How to buy a car correctly

After you have decided on the model you want to buy and the list of mandatory technical features of the car, you should be very responsible in choosing the seller. Since the Audi SQ5 is a modern and technologically sophisticated vehicle it should be purchased only from the manufacturer's authorized dealers.

Our website tracks the vehicle offerings of all licensed Audi dealers and allows you to select one according to your criteria. Despite the fact that the models themselves from such sellers are almost identical or even belong to the same batch, the sale terms may differ significantly for individual items, depending on the manufacturer's preferences.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with all the offers. When buying an Audi SQ5 try to choose the main and several spare options.



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