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The sporty version of the flagship SUV line from Audi impresses with its luxury and unrivaled quality from the very first minutes of acquaintance with it. Formally the Audi SQ8 belongs to the cross-coupe class. This is a full-size machine with a slightly reduced height compared to earlier modifications from the Q8 line. Although it actually belongs to a separate category both experts and the manufacturer itself position it as a logical development of a SUV series from a German car manufacturer.

Despite many technical and visual similarities with the Q6 or Q7 vehicles the Audi SQ8 has a number of key features that make it stand out from its predecessors. This is a car for those who want to feel like a leader on the road in any conditions. The status and prestige of this vehicle is at the highest level. By driving it you can safely rank yourself among the selected number of owners of top-end cars. In terms of comfort and convenience this SUV is as close as possible to a representative car.

Due to its exclusivity it is possible to buy an Audi SQ8 only from an official dealer. You can quickly choose a reliable car seller on our website. The sale of cars by dealers we offer is always profitable because you get access to all possible additional options in the complete set of a car.

Creation history

The new Audi SQ8 was developed by designers practically from scratch. A new design team worked on its creation, which led to the presence of a number of features. This model was first presented to the public in 2019. The car looks very holistic and harmonious. The slightly reduced body height gives the machine a dynamic appearance. The car is big but not huge. Moreover such a decision had a successful effect on reducing the drag coefficient. The distributed flow of incoming air does not create a large obstacle even at high speeds and, thanks to the car design, presses it against the road surface while improving wheel traction.

The wide grille with vertical stripes looks very stylish. The aggressive appearance is complemented by large air intakes at the bottom of the front fenders. Streamlined headlights merge with the body. The Audi SQ8 is fitted with frameless doors while the side windows are visually highlighted with a metal frame.

The power of the car is aptly emphasized by twin tailpipes on both sides of the body. The height of the car is lowered at the rear passing into a cut-off trunk equipped with an upper visor. The trunk lid itself has an electric drive for opening and closing. Additional comfort for the driver is provided by the remote control of the luggage compartment cover.

The maximum number of sensor elements is used to control the car and its systems therefore the Audi SQ8 is perceived as very futuristic and modern. It seems that a car is ahead of its time and uses the technologies of the future.

On our website you can order a service from a dealer near me. He will tell you everything about the model and help you choose the car that is most suitable for you saving your money. A personal inspection of the car will give you confidence in the correct purchase of this particular model.

Technical features

The power plant of the sporty Audi SQ8 combines all the latest and most successful solutions of the company's engineering bureau. The engine displacement is 4 liters. It is a diesel engine equipped with 8 cylinders and two turbines. The gross engine power is 429 h/p and the torque is 900 N * m. In addition there is a petrol version of this engine with a capacity of 500 horsepower.

A Tiptronic 8-speed robotic gearbox is responsible for the transmission of torque to the wheels. The car is all-wheel drive with intelligent control of each separate wheel.

The speed characteristics of the Audi SQ8 are impressive. Thanks to the excellent interaction of the engine, transmission and body this two-ton vehicle accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.8 seconds. For safety reasons the speed of this car is limited to 250 km / h just like in the case of its predecessors. The Audi SQ8 is equipped with the following technical means and control units:

  • matrix headlights;
  • controlled air suspension;
  • virtual devices;
  •  light-alloy wheels with a diameter of 22 inches;
  • ceramic brakes;
  • double-layer glass in all windows;
  • progressive steering;
  • laser adaptive cruise control;
  • large touch displays for control;
  • side airbags.

When buying this car we recommend choosing an official dealer on our website who offers a test drive service. Although the cross-country ability and driving characteristics of the Audi SQ8 are initially high and undeniable, it is advisable to check this personally before purchasing.



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