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The Audi TT sports coupe is one of the iconic models in the German manufacturer's stylish car range. Thanks to its memorable appearance, this car is easily recognizable on the roads. One glance is enough to make the

new Audi TT stand out in traffic.

The development of the car lasted 4 years, and the first concept car was shown to the public back in 1995. The increased attention of motorists to this model prompted the management of the Audi concern to pay maximum attention to the development of this car. The result is a stylish and dynamic car with its own character and unique features.

You can buy an Audi TT from the company's authorized dealers, who will help you to find them on our website. With the help of a conveniently implemented search function, in a matter of minutes you will find a reliable and trusted seller offering maximum pre-sale services.

Model creation

The concept of a compact sports coupé requires careful approach and resource-intensive development. So Audi is one of a small number of car manufacturers capable of independently developing and launching a car of this class on the market.

The model was initially positioned as a reference model for true fans of the brand. The streamlined body has smooth and soft lines. There are practically no sharp corners, and the lines and contours of the machine follow the trend of the ellipsoid. The upper part of the cab looks symmetrical in the flank projection, while merging with the lower part of the hull. The model is focused on the maximum comfort of the driver and one passenger. And although there is a basic modification with a rear row of seats, they have rather a nominal value and can only be used to transport people conditionally.

In just 20 years, 3 generations of the Audi TT have been produced. External restyling mainly concerned headlights and other small elements. The overall style is perfectly preserved, and even in the latest modification, the spirit of the entire series is felt. In the salons of authorized dealers presented on our website, you can find Audi TT in the following cases:

  • compartment;
  • Roadster with soft roof.

In any version, the Audi TT is distinguished by high build quality and exceptional reliability of all components and assemblies. By purchasing this car, you will receive a technically perfect vehicle with excellent driving dynamics and maximum comfort for the driver.

Technical features of the model

The Audi TT is quite compact in size. With a length of 419 cm, its width is 183 cm. Such dimensions allow you to feel confident on city streets, although this machine is designed for highway speeds. The low ground clearance of 120 mm is designed to increase the stability of the machine. It should be remembered that with congestion, this indicator decreases by a few more centimeters, and then movement on roads with poor coverage is somewhat difficult.

The trunk of the model does not differ in large dimensions and is more of an auxiliary value than a real function of transporting cargo. Its volume is 305 liters for the coupe and 280 liters for the roadster. This figure can be significantly increased in the 4-seater version if the rear seats are folded down. In this case, the luggage compartment volume increases to 900 liters.

The lineup is represented mainly by gasoline engines. This approach allows the Audi TT to be equipped with powerful motors that provide active driving dynamics. There are versions with 197 or 245 horsepower four-cylinder units. The engines themselves are maximally modified by the company's engineers and have the following features:

  • combined fuel injection;
  • intercooler with water cooling;
  • adaptive turbocharger.

The only diesel model in the range is powered by a 2-liter engine that develops 230 horsepower. All-wheel drive is possible for this modification.

The latest generation of the Audi TT is fitted with an automatic transmission only. The six-speed robotic transmission perfectly senses the engine and changes the gear ratio depending on the overall driving dynamics.

In all versions, the maximum speed is limited to 250 km / h. Audi adheres to this figure in almost all of its production vehicles. Other technical features that are already available as standard include:

  • LED headlights;
  • adaptive cruise control;
  • multimedia screen of the control and monitoring system;
  • sports seats;

Depending on the modification and the desire of the buyer, wheel rims with a diameter of 17 to 20 inches can be installed on the car. These are light alloy versions with a stylish and memorable design.

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Audi TT is a car that reflects the inner world of its owner. It is designed for quick and easy movement, dynamics and drive. Designed for daily use and commuting, but not very suitable for carrying luggage and passengers.

Before buying this car, we recommend that you personally familiarize yourself with it and inspect the interior. You can find a dealer near you to order a test drive service on our website. We work only with trusted and reliable sellers who treat their customers responsibly.



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