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New Audi TT RS – a sport car from a German manufacturer

The sports division of the German company Quattro GmbH has developed the Audi TT RS series. The cars are represented by compact premium sport cars. Several versions of cars with different bodies are available for sale. It can be a soft-top roadster or a coupe. The four-wheel drive car with two doors also demonstrates the family tradition of the brand and is distinguished by excellent technical "stuffing". An official dealer who is well versed in the offered product and knows everything about sales will help you to purchase a model from this series. Your purchase will be perfect with it.

A small excursion into history

A dynamic, well-controlled car model from the 8J series - the Audi TT has received the highest ratings from users. This gave an impetus to the company's specialists to develop modifications intended for fans of speed, dynamics and sport. From 1998 to 2006, the company produced the first generation of Audi TT cars (8N series). From the spring of 2006, the production of the 8J machine generation began. And almost 2 years later, the Detroit Auto Show is showing a powerful new car - the Audi TTS. It was equipped with a two-liter engine, all-wheel drive. The letter "S" appearing in the name indicates that this model is derived from the word "Sport".

In the summer of 2019, the company began producing the Audi TT RS series of cars. Another letter "R" appeared in the name, denoting the word "Ren sport". Literally it translates as "Racing".

Advantages and features of the Audi TT RS

Many car enthusiasts have been looking forward to seeing the new Audi TT RS. An evolutionary five-cylinder engine, progressive platform, crazy speed, four-wheel drive and amazing dynamics - all this attracts customers. The Audi TT RS is a sport racing car that has received:

  • petrol engine EA855 with turbocharging, rated at 2.5 liters, equipped with 5 cylinders;
  • maximum torque is 480 Nm;
  • engine power is up to 400 hp. from.

The engine's turbochargers take just a second for 335 liters of air to enter the cylinders. Such indicators are quite enough to accelerate the car in the first kilometers in about 4.5 seconds, increasing the speed to 250 km / h. It can be increased to 280 km / h by making an additional payment at the service center to reduce the speed limiter. By reducing the limit in this way, you can get maximum pleasure from driving at high speeds.

The electrohydraulic ally controlled multi-plate clutch uses the 7-speed S-tronic gearbox to intelligently distribute power between the rear and front wheels. If beats are heard during gear shifting, then the clutch is not fully warmed up. Once that happens, the noise will go away.

Calipers equipped with perforated discs and 8 pistons in the brake system perform their task perfectly during operation. If a creak is heard, it means they have not warmed up. After warming up, it will disappear. When moving speed bumps, it is noticeable that the weight is not well distributed. The reason is heavy brakes. Therefore, those planning to race on the track are advised to install carbon ceramic brakes, which are much lighter than usual.

Salon interior

It is quite natural that the interior of a sports car differs from its counterparts - the TT auto. It is sportier, the steering wheel is improved, it is ergonomic, and it is easier for them to turn faster at higher speeds. It has a red button to start the motor. The bucket-shaped front seats are upholstered in durable, high-quality leather and are comfortable. At the same time, there are no frills, the style is refined minimalist. The dashboard looks austere; it also serves as a multimedia system. Excellent assembly of the interior and body, the use of only high-quality raw materials are the main features characteristic of the Audi TT RS. Also, this car differs from other models by the wing on the trunk lid, an aggressive body kit. The car has a large number of logos, many of which look quite original and stylish.

The basic package includes a fairly impressive set of functions: LED optics, light and rain sensors, climate control, 19-inch wheels, electric seat adjustment, parking assistants. The list of options offered by the German manufacturer for a fee is very large. Among them are:

  • rear view camera;
  • Bang & Olufsen audio system;
  • cruise control;
  • matrix optics;
  • anti-skid function;
  • color of mirrors in body color;
  • tinted glass and much more.

This is far from being a weight list. You can view the full list at the car dealership. Better yet, if you order the service – the dealer is near me. He knows thoroughly about the offered product, you will receive detailed information and save a certain amount of money.

Despite the fact that the Audi TT RS is a complete delight among motorists, it should not be forgotten that this car is not a family type. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy it for trips to the country, outside the city. It is mainly of interest to young people between the ages of 25 and 30. You need to understand that, first of all, the Audi TT RS is a sports car.


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