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Main characteristics and features of the BMW 1 SERIES

By creating the first series of BMW cars, German manufacturers sought to occupy their own niche in the automotive market. He dictates tough rules every year, so even large manufacturers have to revise their principles. Before making a purchase, you need to familiarize yourself with the models, main features and features of the BMW 1 Series. It is also important to have a professional dealer who understands all the intricacies of the vehicle and sales. He often offers the client favorable terms of the transaction, for example, loans or interesting, tempting discounts.

Auto design

The appearance of the vehicle is thought out to the smallest detail. All models received a design that is laconic and at the same time stylish, meeting modern requirements. The new BMW 1 Series has received:

  1. Exclusive design of branded radiator grilles. They are decorated with longitudinal strips in black and glossy shades. The frame has a chrome finish.
  2. LED headlights have a long lifespan. They use LED technology to conserve battery power. The headlights are flat, dynamic, provide good visibility at night and in bad weather.
  3. Rear-view mirrors. The body is painted in high-gloss black. This gives the car a personality.
  4. Rear lights. Composed of two parts, they have been developed based on traditional lighting technologies. Each has its own lighting element. They are also equipped with a reversing light.

The car has many details in high-gloss black: frames, window finishes, legs, bases, mirror frames and other elements. BMW 1 Series cars are characterized by sporty progressiveness. Each model is the embodiment of tremendous driving pleasure and dynamism.

The lineup

All BMW 1 Series models are powerful vehicles with personality. The lineup is represented by:

  1. M Sport - the model has a pronounced sporty character. Driving dynamics are optimized with an aerodynamics and suspension package. Sports steering and LED headlights complete the range.
  2. Luxury Line is an elegant car. Its details are distinguished by an elegant design, it is they who give the exterior an exclusivity. The interior is upholstered in premium leather, and the trim emphasizes luxury. The complete set includes LED fog lights, lighting package.
  3. Advantage - the model is equipped with functional equipment that increases comfort and safety. It has cruise control with braking function. The passenger seat height is adjustable.
  4. Sport Line is a dynamic car. Design elements in high-gloss black give it a sporty look. Seats for the driver and passenger provide adequate support and maximum comfort. Additionally, the model is equipped with a lighting package, LED fog lights.

Each model is good in its own way. In whose favor to make a choice – everyone decides for himself. The dealer near you can be of great help.

Main technical characteristics of BMW 1 series models

The dynamics of movement depends on a number of characteristics: the drive of the car, its chassis, steering. Series 1 models are equipped with a reliable engine, responsive steering. Even on a winding road, the movement is dynamic. Shift speed is almost instantaneous. The presence of an intelligent all-wheel drive system provides maximum traction. This increases driving safety in all conditions.

The new BMW 1 Series offers car owners many useful and interesting functions: driver assistance, digital services. This creates safety and maximum comfort while driving:

  1. The Driving Assistant is a special package that warns when a person or vehicle is approaching. For this, there are special cameras equipped with a full braking function in the city. Also, the equipment warns the driver about changing lanes, traffic coming from behind.
  2. Parktronic – its presence makes it easier to park a car. The available rear view camera shows a clear picture from the back of the car. The car is maximally protected from damage caused by parking.
  3. Control of gestures. Using a certain hand movement, you can control some functions. For example, to adjust the volume, you just need to make a circular motion with your index finger.
  4. Head-up display. All important information is in the driver's field of vision thanks to the full color head-up display. It displays the speed of movement, the navigation system prompts are displayed, the speed limit indicator turns on.

Every model in the BMW 1 Series attracts rave glances. Car enthusiasts love the progressive design, high-quality interior, efficient motors, front engine, excellent maneuverability, the use of innovative technologies, and the presence of a driver assistance system. All this guarantees the safety and comfort of travel.




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