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BMW 2 series

The Bavarian automobile company is one of the world's leading car manufacturers. A wide range of models meets the needs of the most demanding drivers. At the same time, each BMW car of this company will be of high quality, regardless of the type of body or car engine displacement. The 2 series of cars of this company is one of the most common in the class of compact city vehicles.

You can purchase any BMW car of this series using the electronic catalog on our website. We offer for sale only high-quality cars with a factory warranty. An individual approach to each client allows us to achieve maximum results and get positive feedback on the work. By contacting us, the buyer will receive the full range of services that an official dealer can provide.

Series history

The first development of machines of this series began at the end of the first decade of the 21st century. The concern's design bureau was tasked with creating a compact and economical city car reminiscent of older models but with a more modest power plant and reduced fuel consumption.

Several pilot concept products were presented, united by a common idea for the entire series and served as prototypes for the further development of this direction. The first BMW 2 Series models that rolled off the assembly line were:

  • BMW Concept Active Tourer;
  • BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor.

The first model is a hybrid car with an unusual three-cylinder engine, while the second one is a hybrid equipped with a transverse engine with the same layout. However, the power plant is not the main feature of these machines. They are distinguished by a stylish, streamlined design, as well as such improvements as: double envelope LED lights on the rear and side panels, a panoramic sunroof, leather upholstery and a standard rack system for transporting two bicycles.

Sales of the first generation BMW 2 Series include models such as:

  • Coupe;
  • Cabrio;
  • Active Tourer;
  • Gran Tourer.

The last two models are the most practical. They have a 5-door design and a spacious interior. They perfectly cope with the role of luxury family cars. It is very convenient to move around the city in such cars .

Coupe and Cabrio modifications are made in accordance with all BMW traditions. The sleek, sporty body looks great in white. The gloss of the varnish attracts the attention of others. Low ground clearance has a positive effect on overall stability and maneuverability unlocking its full potential in high-speed cornering. These machines are equipped with power units ranging from 143 to 326 horsepower. The top version has a 370 horsepower six-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine giving the car incredible dynamics.

The second generation of this series includes the BMW 2 Gran Coupe and the BMW M2 Competition. These are elegant sports cars with improved driving characteristics and increased comfort for the driver and passengers.

Series advantages

Despite the large engine displacement, the power units in the BMW 2 Series are extremely economical. This is achieved by the perfection of the motors design, the use of turbines and the intelligent control of the entire system. For example, the Acrive Tourer model has a combined fuel consumption rate of 4.1-4.3 liters per 100 km only. Other highlights of the BMW 2 Series include:

  • contactless trunk opening mechanism;
  • folding backrest of the front passenger seat;
  • intelligent front seats position control;
  • LED headlights and cornering indicators;
  • ergonomic central control console.

The cars are made in a single conceptual line of the BMW 2 Series. They are easily recognizable in the street and are attractive in appearance. To find out if there is a dealer near me who sells these cars, it is enough to use the convenient search system of our site.

How to buy a BMW car quickly and responsibly

The new BMW, which you can buy for yourself and your family, will give you many years of driving pleasure. Comfortable interior and excellent driving performance combined with stylish look will make any car of this series your inseparable friend and helper.

First you need to determine for what purpose you want to buy a BMW 2 Series. It can be either a sports car for personal use or an urban family car. In the first case, the emphasis is on the vehicle's maneuverability and its aerodynamic qualities, and in the second option it is better to consider the economy of use and spaciousness.

We offer for sale the entire model range of the BMW 2 Series. With our help you can choose a car modification in a required configuration of the desired color. The test drive service will help to confirm the choice of a specific model. Having tried the car on the go, you will definitely decide to buy it.

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