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Bmw 3 series

BMW has specialized in the production of passenger cars for over 100 years and the 3 Series is one of the most successful in its history. Thanks to their elegant design, excellent technical characteristics and high reliability, these machines have rightfully earned a decent reputation. The 3 Series model range is very wide, but any car belonging to it meets all the high BMW criteria. Thanks to the harmonious work of the engineering and design offices of the company, this line of cars is the most successful in the history of the Bavarian Automobile Company.

Buying a car from BMW is always a good investment. We will help you select and purchase a BMW 3 Series in accordance with your requests and desires. Thanks to the convenient search form, our website will save you time and resources that will be spent to buy a new BMW.

Series history

The first BMW 3 Series was launched back in 1975. Today these are rare cars that can sometimes still be found on the roads. Building on the traditions of the entire range, these cars stood out for their beautiful appearance and sporty dynamics already 40 years ago. A million cars of the 1st generation of 3 series produced in just 8 years speak volumes about the popularity and high demand for them.

The next generation of these BMWs came out at intervals of 4-6 years. Significant scientific and technical resources were invested in the development of new vehicles. It was thanks to this that the development of the series was successful, and the release continues today. When creating new machines of this line, the company's engineers are guided by the following principles:

  • streamlined aerodynamic body;
  • sufficient engine power for fast acceleration;
  • introduction of major technical innovations;
  • increased comfort for the driver and passengers.

During the release, the sale of this series included mainly cars in sedan bodies, however, some modifications were made in the form of a station wagon and a convertible.

Since 1977, the modified BMW 3 Series has taken part in sports racing events. The victory in a number of grand prixes confirmed the success of the general concept of building the car. Performances took place in both German and international championships. In the second half of the 1980s, the BMW 3 Series was rightfully considered the best sports car in its class.

Why buy a BMW 3 Series

An authorized dealer, whom you can select using our website, will allow you to buy cars of the latest, seventh generation of the BMW 3 Series. This lineup is represented by the G20 sedan and the G21 station wagon. Each of these machines is close to excellence in its class. Choosing cars from the German manufacturer of the latest series, you will receive the following benefits:

  •  reduced coefficient of aerodynamic resistance;
  •  increased body rigidity;
  • reduction of the total weight of the structure due to the use of lightweight materials;
  • increased useful volume of the cabin, allowing comfortable seating of 3 people in the back seat;
  • optimized dashboard with improved information content.

The electronic filling of the machine deserves special attention. The innovations in this area include:

  • wireless charging of a mobile phone;
  • computer control of the climate control system;
  • built-in video cameras and ultrasonic sensors;
  • road sign recognition system;
  • autopilot automatic parking.

Automotive experts highly appreciated the voice assistant function implemented in this car. While driving, the driver can, without being distracted from the control, ask in a voice and get an answer to questions regarding the condition of the vehicle and its main indicators. The manufacturer is constantly modifying this software, and every month the possibilities of the voice assistant become more widespread. The latest achievement is the function of memorizing the last 50 meters of the path. You can put the car in the right place, drive off and get out, after which it will return to its original position on its own.

The procedure for choosing and buying a car

Buying a car for personal use is always a crucial step. By purchasing a car from BMW, you can be sure of its technical excellence and unsurpassed quality. Cars of the 3 series are almost universal solutions. Thanks to a powerful engine and spacious interior, as well as a respectable appearance, they are well suited both as a family car and a luxury sports car.

If you value the power of your car, we recommend that you pay attention to the six-cylinder in-line turbocharged gasoline engine. Thanks to direct fuel injection and variable valve timing, it develops 374 horsepower, which allows it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.4 seconds.

For those who like modern technology and economical driving, a modification with a hybrid power plant is suitable. The standard 68 horsepower electric motor provides a comfortable city ride.

Our website will allow you to quickly answer a question about a dealer near me, as well as find the lowest price and the best optional offers for a BMW 3 Series.



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