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BMW 4 series

Creative and dynamic marketing is one of the keys to the success of the Bavarian Engineering Company. The mid-size cars of the BMW 4 Series have been singled out by the manufacturer in a separate line in order to firmly occupy a niche of this type of cars on the market. The German auto company offers incredibly stylish and dynamic cars for sale. These are vehicles that perfectly highlight the driver's personality. Thanks to the purchase of a car of this line, everyone will be able to declare themselves to anyone around them.

Our website offers a convenient electronic directory of trade companies where you can purchase a new BMW. We have collected for you only trusted sellers offering a full factory warranty. We are sure that you can make it easy for yourself to find and buy a car by entrusting the solution of this issue to professionals. With our help the entire process of choosing and purchasing a BMW 4 Series will be as fast and comfortable as possible.

Creation of the BMW 4 Series

The basic concept of creating these machines is luxury execution in all details and trifles. Moreover such machines should be of medium size and not seem huge. The BMW 4 Series has been specially created for those who prefer to combine impression and efficiency in one package.

A powerful engine with a low weight of the car creates incredible dynamics. The streamlined body has low aerodynamic drag which helps the car get better grip and maximum acceleration starting from a standstill.

The first BMW 4 Series went on sale in 2013 and immediately caught the attention of fans of the brand. The spirit of independence and vitality literally permeates these cars. The emphasized style and adherence to the basic principles of the construction of BMW cars is clearly visible in every model of the 4 Series.

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Description of the line

The BMW 4 Series range is very short, that’s why each of these machines becomes unique and perfectly remembered. The manufacturer does not seek to increase the number of produced models of this series but focuses on the modification and technical improvement of existing machines. Today the BMW 4 Series with internal combustion engines includes the following models:

  • F32 in the body of a two-door coupe;
  • F33 in a convertible body;
  • F36 in the body of a four-door coupe.

All these cars were created on the basis of E92 and E93 models of the third series, however due to deep refinement they were singled out into a separate line.

Using our website you will quickly find a seller who will be able to present the required modification of the BMW 4 Series. We constantly monitor the availability of cars in the showrooms. Thus you will gain your time and speed up the delivery of the selected vehicle to your city. Every official dealer we represent will be happy to offer a full package of services.

Technical advantages

The workmanship of all BMW 4 Series is not only high but it is close to the benchmark. Each modification of this line uses the maximum technical innovations in the automotive industry available today. Among the features that this line of cars can be proud of are the following:

  • 8-speed automatic transmission;
  • engines with a double turbine;
  • all-round visibility system;
  • driver intelligent voice assistant;
  • the ability to park independently in a given place.

Branded twin radiator windows are enlarged for these models. They make the 4 Series BMW very eye-catching and assertive. This car is perfect for anyone who strives for dynamics while driving. The reduced ground clearance makes it very stable. Even at high speeds the BMW 4 Series handles corners perfectly while maintaining full grip.

The most perfect is the BMW G22 model released only in 2020. This 4 Series car looks more like a work of art than a regular vehicle.

BMW quick purchase procedure

One of the most important issues to consider when purchasing a new car is choosing the right dealer. A BMW representative must have the entire 4 Series range in stock so that you can personally familiarize yourself with the features and benefits of each car. In addition to it you should have a chance to choose the color of a car according to your taste based on visual characteristics.

A convenient search system, which is implemented on our website, will allow you to select several worthy sellers in just a few minutes. We recommend you to study their proposals very carefully. By paying attention to all the details you can buy a car with the right accent: power or economy.



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