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Bmw 7 series

The executive class of cars represents the pinnacle of technical excellence in the production of vehicles. Not all car companies can afford to manufacture cars of this class. The executive class is always the latest technical developments, the ultimate level of comfort for drivers and passengers, as well as a perfect power plant with increased power. The development of new models of this level lasts for years, and it is simply impossible to do this without a powerful research and production base.

The new BMW 7 Series is the flagship model from the Bavarian car manufacturer. All the best and most perfect that is in the vehicles of the company are brought together in it. In the manufacture of a representative car, the manufacturer sought to present the buyer with a work of art rather than a technical device.

This car is not for everyone. To possess it means to belong to the highest circle of society. The BMW 7 Series will perform better than any visiting card when it becomes necessary to characterize and introduce its owner.

Although BMW has a wide dealer network, 7 Series cars are not sold in all showrooms. This feature is associated with the exclusivity of these machines and their high price. With the help of our website, you can find a reliable and responsible dealer, for whom the sale of BMW cars is part of the philosophy.

Series creation

The first executive BMW was released in 1977. At the time of release, it had unsurpassed technical characteristics for a production car. The car was equipped with a gasoline six-cylinder engine with 12 valves. Already at that time, the standard equipment included: anti-lock braking and air conditioning system, leather interior upholstery, heated seats with rear-view mirrors, and an airbag.

Today, the 6th generation of BMW of the representative level is already on the market. If you want to become the owner of a technically perfect and unsurpassed vehicle - the BMW 7 Series is your best choice.

From the doorknob to the heavy-duty turbo engine, you can feel the highest quality workmanship.

Buying a car of this series can be recommended to those who want to be evaluated by purchases. The status of this vehicle is at the highest level. The nodes and systems used in it have a large margin of both physical and intellectual reliability. Due to their high cost, such new items will not appear in ordinary family cars for a long time.

Perfection of the series

The latest generation of the BMW 7 Series is one of the most sophisticated vehicles in the world. All machines in this line are equipped with the latest technology. The main innovative systems and components that are installed in the BMW 7 Series include:

  • an automatic eight-speed transmission "Steptronic";
  • engine oil quality sensor;
  • intelligent four-wheel drive;
  • adaptive air suspension;
  • glass sunroof with electric drive;
  • light-alloy carbon body "Carbone Core";
  • dynamic stability control system;
  • dynamic traction control system;
  • salon rear-view mirror with auto-dimming function;
  • dual-zone intelligent climate control.

Experts note the highest sound quality of the standard audio system from the Harman Cardon company. Nine-channel sound, which fills the interior with 16 diamond speakers, creates a unique ambience in the car. The total sound power is 460 watts.

Buy a luxury BMW

The purchase of a luxury car should be made only from an authorized dealer in view of the importance and high purchase price. The BMW 7 Series comes on the market in several versions, which include:

  • 730Li;
  • 740Li;
  • 740Li xDrive;
  • 750Li xDrive;
  • M7 760Li xDrive;
  • 745Le iPerfomance;
  • 745Le xDrive iPerfomance.

The main differences between these vehicles are their propulsion systems, as well as the size of the installed rims. Gasoline engines of in-line or V-shaped design are used as motors. Moreover, if in the 730 Li model the design provides for 4 cylinders, then in the M7 760Li xDrive model there are as many as 12. In addition, wheels with a diameter of 17 to 20 inches can be optionally installed, which significantly affects the driving performance of the machine.

It is very easy to buy these beautiful cars if you use the services of our website. Our online catalog contains information about reliable and trusted sellers who supply machines with full pre-sale preparation. Enter your location in the search form and find a dealer near me. If you can't do it yourself, our managers will select a professional for you. He will help you make your choice, provide the necessary information, answer your questions. And most importantly, it will help you significantly save your money.




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