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The main advantages and characteristics of the BMW 8 SERIES

BMW 8 Series cars are great supercars that have been built from the ground up. This brand is distinguished by 2 generations. The first began to develop in 1989. The car received a unique design. This is largely due to the fact that it was convened with the help of computer modeling. Her characteristics are also excellent, plus she received good equipment. The car was equipped with rear-view mirrors, a keyless entry system, seat belts built into the seats and many other chips. After 4 years, it was modified, the list of engines was replenished, the interior became more comfortable and functional.

The second generation of the BMW 8 Series is represented by the G model, which appeared in 2018. The car is distinguished by a new design, a set of modern functions, an exquisite interior and good technical performance. But there are details that distinguish all BMW cars from other brands, making it recognizable and unique.

Models of the first generation of the 8 series were equipped with rear-wheel drive only, while the 2nd generation versions feature all-wheel drive.

BMW 8 Series design

The interior of the G15 model pleases the motorist with excellent ergonomics, stylish design and functionality. This vehicle is equipped with comfortable seats, which are trimmed with natural leather. Also, a clear functional control system is built in here, which ensures ease of use. All interior details are pleasant to the touch and are made of carbon fiber and aluminum.

The new BMW has a large steering wheel that is versatile and made from a material that is pleasant to the touch. Practical transport controls also attract attention:


  • digital instrument panel of the original form;
  • high quality screen;
  • a large number of additional options on the touch control panel;
  • comfortable engine start button, parking brake handle.


This car is designed for 4 passengers. Chairs in it are heated, there is a massage and ventilation function. In the standard configuration, there are various adjustments that allow people to adjust the chair to their preferences. The BMW 8 series has an impressive luggage compartment of over 400 liters. This is very convenient if the car is often used for long distance travel. Thanks to this, the sale of such models is popular today.

Other features of the BMW 8 Series

Other features of the G15 include an automatic eight-speed transmission. One of the features is the presence of a constantly changing air spring. Also, the car is equipped with a rear differential lock, suppressing the system of the appearance of body roll.

Among the "chips" of the model are shock absorbers, which are controlled using an electronic system. The front axle of the car has four-piston brakes, and the rear axle has single-piston brakes with a floating caliper. BMW 8 Series is an all-wheel drive vehicle. With the help of a special clutch, the front axle is switched.


For the second generation BMW 8 Series, the following 2 configurations are inherent:

  1. Diesel model 840d and 320 hp.
  2. Gasoline version of M850i, and 530 hp.


The manufacturer also plans to release a hybrid modification of the car - the board will be equipped with a gasoline-electric power plant. More detailed information can be provided by an official dealer.

The appearance of the models of the 8 series BMW

The second generation of the 8 Series has an impressive design. Its peculiarity is that even with a bright, stylish appearance, the car retained the features of its predecessor, and has design elements that confirm its release at the Munich automobile concern. This series boasts elegant lines, power and good dynamism. With all this, the model has a strict design.

The hood of the transport has a teardrop shape. The windshield is tilted enough, which increases the aerodynamics of the car. Frameless wide doors, large wheels made of light alloy, a sloping roof - all these are elements inherent in the BMW 8 Series. It is thanks to them that the design of the car is considered impeccable.

To buy such a car, you should enter "dealer near me" in the search. So, you can find a professional who will help with choosing a car and provide all the necessary information.

Car electronics

The electronic equipment of a car provides for the presence of LED optics with laser-phosphor light, an electric steering wheel drive, a climate control system, night vision, a function for tracking the lane of movement, parking sensors, a car park operator.

The cabin has LED lighting with different operating modes. A professional audio system adds realism to the sound. The center console is equipped with a solid multimedia system screen, which has a 20 GB hard drive and several USB ports. The multimedia system is performed in several ways - voice control, using buttons, touch input.

Any model of the 8 series attracts the eyes of motorists with its stylish design, powerful engine, elegance, and innovative technologies. This makes consumers buy such transport - convenient, safe and reliable.





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