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Features and characteristics of the BMW i3

The BMW i3 is a series of vehicles with innovative technologies. It is designed with a clear and stylish interior. The machines are easily equipped and therefore impress with their robust materials and functional elements. They belong to vehicles that set trends with their uniqueness. The company presents two models: BMW i3 and BMW i3s.

Their design features an intelligent combination of components that contributes to BMW's unprecedented dynamics. Thanks to the electric drive, the i3 accelerates to 100 km / h in 7.3 seconds. And the i3s version does it even faster - in just 6.9 seconds. Engine with 170 hp from. provides maximum driving pleasure, as it allows you to accelerate up to 260 km. The passenger compartment is made of carbon fiber - lightweight, durable. The low weight contributes to increased maneuverability and range.

BMW i3 design

The new BMW i3 has an elegant appearance. It has a modern, stylish design with two-tone surfaces and short raised edges. Windows have a unique look - they look like they are one surface.

The individual design highlights of the BMW i3 are the modern color schemes - there are six of them. These shades are captivating with brightness and contrast. Light-alloy wheels with different rim profiles complement the progressive appearance.

The spacious interior of the car is breathtaking at first glance. The attractive shape and simple design make for a comfortable fit. Safety is ensured by the protective function of the B-pillar when the door is closed.

The salon is also distinguished by its compactness and comfort. Its dimensions allow for trips not only for the passenger and driver in the front seats, but also for people in the back seat.

The interior design is notable for its ambiguity - at first glance it is the presence of retro details, but if you look at it, there are many innovative components. The narrow bezel looks like a classic 70s look, and the climate control unit is reminiscent of an old radio. At the same time, a multimedia system with a touchscreen digital panel can be seen in the cabin. Due to this combination, the sale of such models is quite active.

Also, the retro elements include the design of a light plastic panel with imitation wood. There is no center console in the cabin. But the controller of the multimedia system is able to turn, and this indicates that it belongs to modern car brands.

The comfort of the BMW i3

The car is distinguished by comfortable seats. Not everyone will like the rigidity of the back, but overall, the ride is quite comfortable. The advantage of these seats is that tall people can comfortably sit on them. The large number of mechanical adjustments and lateral support add many benefits to these chairs.

In addition, the car has a heated seat function, which is an excellent indicator for winter cold. Also, any motorist can get the opportunity to turn on massage options and ventilation. For more information on other comfort features, please contact your official dealer.

Other features of the BMW i3

Additional technical equipment includes: electric power steering and disc brakes - they are located on all wheels. The front ones are equipped with ventilated braking systems. The vehicle features a stiff, short-travel suspension. There is no B-pillar or swing doors.

Powerful BMW i3 engine

The power plant in the BMW i3 is an AC electric motor. The performance of the engine may differ depending on the year of manufacture and the version of the machine. There are such modifications:

  • electric type motor, 170 hp. - accelerates the car to 100 km in 8 seconds;
  • increased power motor, installed on the BMW i3s version - acceleration to 100 km occurs in 6.9 seconds;
  • reystyling model with internal combustion engine, 184 hp. - accelerates to 100 km in 7.7 seconds.

This vehicle is equipped with a rear-wheel drive system. The engine is powered by a 360 Volt battery - it consists of 8 cells. Located at the base and creates a low center of gravity. You can choose a model with a particular engine by searching for a special person who will help you place the order correctly. To do this, it is recommended to contact our service Mycars. We offer a service - a dealer near me. This is a great option for those looking to buy a new BMW i3 series car. You can also consider other models from the famous brand. On a full charge, a BMW i3 car can travel up to 160 km, and if you activate the economy mode, then up to 200 km. It takes about 8 hours to fully charge the car. You can use a 50 kW charger, then a "quick charge" will be performed - it will fill the battery in 30 minutes to 80% capacity.

It is recommended to buy such a car for those who value comfort, stylish design, innovative details, power, dynamism, speed. Excellent build quality, economy and small dimensions make this transport an excellent option for city use.





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