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Main characteristics and features of the car BMW i8

The BMW i8 is a petrol-electric sports car. It was shown to the public in 2013 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This is an all-wheel drive car, produced in a coupe-type body. It has a modern, futuristic design, comfortable interior and innovative technical stuffing. The transport is distinguished by its good running characteristics. It is intended for motorists who have a good income, as well as for those who are concerned about the environment.

At the presentation of the re-styled version, the manufacturer presented the BMW i8 Roadster. The car is similar to the traditional BMW i8, but is designed for only two passengers, and has a retractable roof - it can be lowered when driving at speeds of less than 50 km / h. The roof is powered by a special electric drive. The BMW i8 and BMW i8 Roadster have the same exterior and interior design.

BMW i8 sports car engine

The machine is equipped with two power devices - an electric motor and a gasoline engine:


  1. Gasoline engine - 3 cylinders, 231 horsepower. The work takes place with an automatic gearbox.
  2. The electric motor transmits traction to the front axle of the car. Power - 143 hp from. Operates with a two-stage transmission.


The electric motor is powered by batteries located in the central unit. They have their own cooling system.

The car is capable of covering 55 km when the electric motor is running. The speed reaches 120 kilometers per hour. The sports car can accelerate to 60 km in 4.5 seconds. The battery is charged within 24 hours from the mains. If you use a proprietary charger, then the time will be reduced to two hours.

The BMW i8 gets four-wheel drive, and the total power of the engines is 374 horsepower. The sports car can accelerate to 100 km in 4.4 seconds in sport mode. Fuel consumption - 4.5-5.5 liters.

BMW i8 interior

The new BMW i8 has a low seating position, making it difficult to get into the cabin. But, when the motorist is already inside the car, then these shortcomings are forgotten. There are very comfortable, soft seats that have lateral support and heating. In addition, they are equipped with massage options. Each seat can be customized with a wide variety of electrical adjustments. They will allow customization to suit the individual preferences of the passenger. Natural leather, metal, plastic, wood are used as materials for interior decoration. More detailed information on the interior details will be provided by an authorized dealer.

The appearance of the interior is futuristic, but there are elements that confirm belonging to the BMW corporate identity. The car has a three-spoke steering wheel, which is very pleasant in the hand. Upholstered with high quality, soft material. On the spokes you can find some details to control various functions in the cabin. Next to the steering wheel is a digital panel with many elements. On the center console, you can see a large display that allows you to control the multimedia system using a sensor.

The car also has rear seats, but the cabin space is very small to carry passengers. They are mainly used to transport carry-on luggage and other things of a car driver.

BMW i8 Electronics

The vehicle is equipped with systems that increase comfort and safety during operation. There is also a modern multimedia system and electronic functions. The sports car received good technical equipment - a parking brake, various rain and light sensors, a speed limiter, climate control and many other interesting features. The main one is the large-scale view system - it makes it possible to get all the information about the road, facilitate parking and transport management. It can be adjusted so that images from outdoor cameras are displayed on the driver's smartphone. You can find detailed information about the electronic highlights of the BMW i8 by typing "dealer near me" in the search. We recommend that you contact a professional. It will not only help you choose the right car, but also save you money.

Other features of the BMW i8

Other design features of this vehicle include a modular chassis that has a low center of gravity. It consists of a platform where batteries are located, aluminum subframes. The car has a suspension with controlled shock absorbers. All suspension parts are made of aluminum - this is well reflected in the weight of the vehicle. There are brakes on the discs. Selling a car is popular due to its positive particular qualities.

An innovative design, two power plants, electronic control, and the availability of additional options for comfort make the BMW i8 ideal for those who like speed and safety while driving. Anyone with a high level of financial condition can buy a car.

She looks really amazing. Elegant curves, narrow LED headlights, legs - all together make an indelible impression on the customer. Even despite the small number of shades of the color palette, this car is a priority for many motorists.



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