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Features of the BMW M4 car series

The BMW M4 is a range of sports models. The first version of the car was released in 2013 and serial production began the following year. Cars of this modification are distinguished by high comfort and sporty, stylish design. They have improved elements of the chassis and brakes, extensive equipment with innovative systems. The vehicles of this series are aesthetically pleasing, have their own charisma and special style. The main representative of the series is the BMW M4 Competition Coupe, which has a capacity of 510 horsepower. This car is equipped with a functional motor, automatic transmission, four-wheel drive and various modern technologies. The final representative of the model range is the BMW M440i xDrive Coupe. It has an attractive design and 387 horsepower. This car differs from other models in economy, athleticism and high practicality during operation.

The series includes the F82 coupe and the F83 convertible. The convertible has high fuel consumption when compared to the coupe. Its weight is more. It has a three-section roof that can be folded and unfolded by means of an electric drive.

BMW M4 cars are similar to the M3 two-door models. In the fourth series of vehicles the design was improved and innovative systems were installed. Thanks to this, cars of the fourth version are considered expensive and prestigious. For example, in 2015 the powerful sports car BMW M4 GTS F82 was released. It was an improved model produced in limited quantities. The features of this car are: two-tone paint, new design of body kit, carbon fiber bonnet, stylish air intake, aluminum spoiler mounts.

In 2017 this model was updated: the interior, driving characteristics, and technical equipment were improved. The car was provided with a new set of power plants.

BMW M4 Electronics

The new BMW M4 is equipped with excellent technical and electronic systems. There are a number of smart functions that increase the level of driving comfort. They are also responsible for the safety of the driver. For example, the car has special parking sensors, a rear view camera, heated windows, mirrors and many other interesting innovations. To make driving easier an electric power steering was installed. An official dealer will tell you more about the electronic equipment.

The appearance of the BMW M4 models

Looking at the 4 series cars you immediately notice a certain luxury. The body of the coupe is very stylish and beautiful. The cars look expensive and elegant.

Unlike the M3 this series has lightweight side doors. This result is achieved due to the use of reinforced plastic in production. The serious appearance is complemented by four tailpipes which are located at the rear of the car. You can easily buy a car of this line if you use a dealer near me service

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Control features of the BMW M4

The handling of the M4 models is sporty but overall precise and accurate. The latest version of the series keeps good stability at high speeds on bad roads. Confidence in the car is achieved by carbon-ceramic brakes which are responsible for the safety and comfort of the driver.

The car is equipped with three steering modes. The most aggressive mode is "Sport +". The manual transmission has 6 steps and responds well to serious torque.

All models of this series continue the line of the legendary coupé cars. If you like this type of vehicle you can buy it through a dealer. Its price is quite high. In any case the spent budget will be justified by the speed, maneuverability and innovative filling of the car.

BMW M4 interior

The interior space of the car cabin looks impressive and quite comfortable. Control elements are conveniently located here. Most of the details in the car are sporty. In addition to the aesthetic side the interior is distinguished by impeccable build quality. It is trimmed with Alcantara and plastic very pleasant and soft to the touch. The decor is based on aluminum and wood inserts. The front seats are equipped with lateral support, the backrest has an optimal height and the electronic system allows you to adjust the seat to your preferences. It also provides heating, ventilation and massage options.

The dashboard is large and massive. The steering wheel is sporty. It is comfortable to hold it in your hand. After re-styling the cars received a wide range of interior fittings:

  • climate control and cruise control system;
  • modern multimedia system;
  • a number of automatic parking functions;
  • reliable security system;
  • functional steering wheel.

Due to these features the sale of the BMW M4 series cars is quite tangible. Many car enthusiasts want to drive aggressive, sporty vehicles that provide a high level of safety and comfort while driving.




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