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BMW M5 main features

BMW cars are among the most recognizable of all vehicles. The famous emblem of this brand is a screw closed in a circle. The modern logo, the constant symbol of the brand, speaks of clarity and openness. The new BMW M5 is an example of modern design that reflects all the possibilities of the digital age. If you want to feel as comfortable as possible while driving a new car, then BMW is the surefire option. Purchase of a new BMW M5 means for you many years of trouble-free car operation and a lot of pleasure from a comfortable driving process. Our company is an official dealer of BMW M GmbH. We offer everyone who appreciates quality and practicality to buy an excellent German car at a completely buyers’ price. A large selection of cars presented in our company is able to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding car enthusiasts.

Design that inspires

If you find it difficult to decide which car to prefer sporty style or classic elegance, opt for the BMW M5that combines both of these features. The main advantages of appearance include:


  • saturated glossy color that is impossible not to look at;
  • perfect clarity of lines;
  • 20-inch alloy wheels of different sizes on the front and rear tires give the car a special stylish look;
  • updated stylish grille on the radiator;
  • three-dimensional lamellas design;
  • chrome tips on the pipes of the exhaust system;
  • updated narrow light guides of headlights;
  • luxurious leather interior is designed for the needs of the driver;
  • enlarged control display with a 21.3 inches diagonal;
  • comfortable multifunctional chairs that follow the contours of the body;
  • the sophisticated shape of the front bumper is dynamically combined with large air ducts on both sides.


The 5 Series cars organically combine the elegance of the business class, comfort and sporty character. The BMW M5 CS is the fastest in the history of the company. It accelerates in just 3 seconds and has an engine power of 635 hp. The BMW M5 Competition is the second model in this series equipped with an all-wheel drive system. Both machines represent the standard of dynamics. Driving such a car, everyone can feel like a king conquering any roads.

Main technical data

The car is designed by engineers on the racetrack, but it is geared towards everyday use making it more comfortable and beautiful. A powerful dynamic car gives confidence to the driver not only on the Autobahn but also in the noisy jungle of a big city. If you are an active driver we advise you to contact us and buy a powerful, stylish and elegant new BMW M5. What's fundamentally new can be seen in the models:


  • high-precision and improved steering control allows perfect execution of the driver's commands;
  • increased power of the eight-cylinder engine (from 560 l / s to 575 l / s) will provide the driver with an additional portion of real adrenaline;
  • the unique engine sound is achieved using a modified exhaust system;
  • suspension height reduced to 10 mm;
  • improved stability and maneuverability on problem surfaces (ice, snow, gravel, etc.);
  • the active differential provides ideal grip on the road surface, maintaining the dynamics of the rear drive when increasing speed;
  • acceleration from 0 to100 km / h and a super-reliable braking system ensure safety during dynamic driving;
  • new intelligent steering system M Servotronic;
  • improved chassis gives the car sporting qualities.


All the listed characteristics indicate that such a car will not fail in any situation. Therefore, the sale of BMW M5 breaks all records in our company.

Choosing and buying a BMW M5

The company offers a wide range of new BMWs. We work with trusted and reliable sellers. On our website each authorized dealer provides a factory warranty on the cars sold. Before buying a car you need to determine its purpose. You can choose from the following models:


  • compact car for personal use or for a couple;
  • a full-fledged family car;
  • premium car;
  • a car for extreme driving.


If you are looking for a dealer near me it is necessary to visit our website. Of course, when buying a new car, an absentee or remote purchase is highly discouraged. You need to see the car yourself and even better if you take the opportunity of test driving. With the help of our website you can find a dealer near you who will provide a full range of pre-sale services and carry out the sale and purchase transaction of the vehicle as quickly as possible. He will select a crossover, hatchback, minivan, sedan, convertible, station wagon or other model. The choice is so wide that it will allow you to choose the car that you like. If you have not yet decided which BMW model to buy, we recommend looking at cars from several suppliers. In this case you need to contact the dealers who are nearby in advance using the phone numbers listed on our website. Proper use of the free car purchase services we offer will save you a lot of time and money.






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