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BMW M8 for those who appreciate style

The BMW M8 is a car that can finally give the convertible and coupe series a deeper meaning. The 8 Series itself is a great Gran Turismo. It perfectly combines sporty asceticism and urban glamor. The 8 series car fits perfectly into any segment of its owner's life. It will be good for traveling on the autobahns of Europe or driving in a noisy city. Having bought a new BMW M8, you will choose a radically new quality of life and never want to change your iron horse for another brand.

Perfect appearance

If you want to enjoy not only driving but also the car appearance then you definitely need to buy a BMW M8. The machine in this series is represented by three models:


  1. The M850i ​​xDrive Coupe embodies comfort, dynamics, style and high performance..
  2. The BMW M8 Coupe is equipped with the M xDrive system, demonstrates luxury, impeccable dynamics.
  3. The M8 Coupe Competition is an extraordinary and powerful sports car with the M xDrive system.


Each of them embodies a true symbiosis of beauty, grace, brutality and incredible power. There are no fenders or wild spoilers on display. The M8 is not considered a big car. It produces more high-quality sound than its weak counterparts thanks to larger air intakes at the front and a more luxurious rear diffuser with four thick M-shaped horns. It is necessary to add that 20-inch wheels with 275 and 285 tires are included as standard. The chassis also has a lot in common with the heavy-duty sedan. However, BMW has repeatedly emphasized that the M8 is a serious sports car and not just a two-door M5. It is 10 mm lower and has a center of gravity 24 mm lower than M5. At the rear and front, the car is equipped with more rigid bearings, steering wheels and stabilizers. In addition, the bottom was reinforced with a large front sliding panel and various additional pillars.

Main advantages of the series

M GmbH has been producing its popular cars in the form of a coupe and convertible from the very beginning. They are largely based on the M5 technically and there is something that has remained unchanged:

  • Drivetrain with the 4.4-liter V8 twin-turbo engine;
  • 8-speed automatic transmission;
  • M-x Drive all-wheel drive (including pure rear-wheel drive mode);
  • electronically controlled rear axle differential.


A power of the standard version is 600 h/p, the M8 Competition - 625 h/p. Both cars have 750 Nm of torque. But there are also fundamental differences from the previous model indicating that it is better to buy a BMW M8:


  • maximally closed bottom and air intakes on both sides have a qualitative effect on reducing the aerodynamic resistance of the body; the exterior mirrors are also tapered to smooth airflow;
  • the roof is made of the strongest plastic, reinforced with carbon fiber, it lowers the center of the car gravity;
  • M Performance TwinPower Turbo technology is used in the all-new V8 engine that allows to create a unique but recognizable sound;
  • internal turbochargers, direct fuel injection, upgraded crankcase and thermal insulation system;
  • thanks to the improved engine, the car accelerates to 100 km per hour in just 3.7 seconds;
  • the use of technology with multi-stage turbocharging guarantees absolute safety when driving at low speeds;
  • 8-speed Steptronic Sport transmission is responsible for the car power;
  • BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive system provides maximum maneuverability, firm grip and directional stability;
  • the weight of the vehicle is optimized, the center of gravity is balanced and distributed along the axes;
  • new wheels made of durable alloy with tires of different widths on the front and rear wheels;
  • the presence of electronically controlled shock absorbers in the adaptive M-suspension;
  • new interface concept based on BMW 7.0 operating system.

After evaluating all the advantages, you can make a firm decision to purchase this model and look for a company in which the sale of the BMW M8 is carried out in accordance with all technical and legislative standards. Our company meets all these requirements.

We buy a car from trusted dealers

Deciding to buy a BMW M8 it is better to use the service of a dealer near me. This is a very convenient service because you will be able to see the car with your own eyes in the catalog on the website. Our company works with trusted dealers and offers customers a wide base of new BMW vehicles. Each official dealer can provide the client with all factory guarantees and help to choose a car exactly for the request, purpose and driving style of its future owner. In addition, the company is looking for dealers nearby so that you can not only see the car but also take advantage of the test drive service. The company offers information and legal support at all stages of cooperation as well. We help to draw up all the necessary documents for the sale and purchase. With our assistance the process of choosing and buying a model will take place without panic, doubts and unnecessary nerves. The car will serve you for many years, and you will enjoy a pleasant and comfortable driving process.





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