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BMW X1: elegance meets power

The new BMW X1 is the modernized standards and features that motorists have come to expect. The appearance of the car already inspires admiration and confidence. Sitting behind the wheel of such a device, you feel like a real winner, who can control any roads. This representative of the X-series combines brutality, sporty aggressiveness and at the same time stylish, refined elegance. It is ideal for men and confident women who value and prefer a comfortable and high-quality ride. BMW X1 is a series of cars that will not let you down in any situation. They have no equal in appearance, dynamics, agility and practicality. And the innovative technologies that were used by engineers to create a car provide the maximum level of comfort while driving. With the help of our company, everyone can buy their favorite model of this series:


  • BMW X1 sDrive18d;
  • BMW X1 sDrive20d;
  • BMW X1 xDrive23d;
  • BMW X1 xDrive25d;
  • BMW X1 xDrive28i.


All cars presented in our company by trusted dealers, which are thoroughly checked and tested. Therefore, cooperating with us, each buyer can be sure that he will buy a car that is absolutely serviceable and reliable in every sense.

Technical highlights of the BMW X1

It's no secret that the sale of cars of this series is incredibly popular among motorists. The main reason is that this unit passes where the usual road has already ended. Any surfaces are subject to him - ice, gravel, sand, off-road and other surfaces. All this is possible thanks to the advanced technical features of the vehicle:


  1. The three or four-cylinder BMW TwinPower Turbo engine produces a minimum amount of harmful substances into the atmosphere. With its help, an incomparable sound is created, causing a real burst of adrenaline from the driver.
  2. The all-wheel drive is equipped with the intelligent XDrive system, the task of which is to smoothly distribute the torque force between all wheels. The result is the maximum level of their grip on the road surface, which guarantees maneuverability, precise cornering and driving safety.
  3. Gears are shifted at lightning speed by the Steptronic eight-speed sports-type transmission in automatic or manual mode.
  4. Thanks to the adaptive suspension, the shock absorbers automatically adjust to the road situation and guarantee complete safety during dynamic driving. The presence of several modes in the system: "comfort", "standard", "sport".
  5. The steering wheel of the sports type is impeccably clear and quickly fulfills the driver's commands. Everything to manipulate the steering wheel is much easier and more convenient, which is very important on a difficult winding road.
  6. Multi-piston brake calipers perform their function clearly even during dynamic and aggressive driving. For the braking system of the BMW X1, slippery and wet roads are not scary - the developers guarantee the complete safety of the driver.


As for smart innovations, they are in the car, first of all, include Apple CarPlay, which includes telephony, wireless charging, a large head-up display, driving and parking assistants. Such a "smart" assistant will take you to your destination quickly and easily.

Appearance: menacing beauty

Every official dealer can say with confidence that the appearance of the BMW X1 is far from the last factor that plays a role in the choice and purchase of a car. And this is one hundred percent true. The first thing that the buyer sees - not a powerful engine, an ultra-precise steering system or an upgraded gearbox - but a formidable and at the same time stylish sophisticated appearance that magnetizes and mesmerizes at first sight. The smooth lines, the memorable shape of the headlights, gracefulness and agility in every movement - this is what was drawn attention to when you first met the BMW X1. From the first second, the image of a strong and stylish car is created, which guarantees the owner comfort, speed, lightness and safety.

Making the right choice

There is no shortage of cars today. The car market is so wide that very often you can fall for the bait of unscrupulous sellers and buy a car that does not meet the expectations of the buyer. Therefore, it is important to cooperate with trusted companies that are responsible for their services and give a car warranty. Our company offers a wide range of BMW X1, as well as other series from reliable and trusted dealers. Here you can use the "dealer near me" service. This means that we will select sellers who are nearby for the client. Thus, the buyer will be able to fully inspect the car, take a test drive, and communicate with the seller. We also provide information and legal support to our clients throughout the entire period of cooperation. It is easy, profitable and very fast to buy a BMW X1 with our help. The company is interested in making every client happy with the purchase.



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