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The new BMW X3 M was first demonstrated in 2003. A little later the company decided that the car needed improvement, and already in 2006 the series underwent a radical restyling. At its core, the X3 M has collected all the best qualities from the X3 series and supplemented them with a completely unique appearance inherent only in BMW cars, as well as a sports component from the M series. The new series has a lot of innovative design solutions, some of which were transferred by the developers to other models.

Designers have changed the main headlights, daytime LED lights giving the car a more "serious" appearance. The picture is perfectly complemented by the radiator grille connector which is represented by two rounded squares, a plastic grille that hides the air intakes and the radiator of the cooling system. But despite all the changes, the X3 M series cars correspond to the basic concept of the BMW brand, they look stylish, powerful and aggressive.

Basic configuration dimensions

X3 M is a beautiful urban premium crossover. It has the following dimensions:

  • length - 4726 mm;
  • width - 1827 mm;
  • height - 1669 mm;
  • wheelbase - 2864 mm.

It has a relatively small ground clearance of only 182 mm. This distance from the ground allows the car to overcome any road surfaces (snow, gravel, sand, asphalt in poor condition) easily and also guarantees a soft ride on any road sections. The trunk of the X3 M has a lot of space, its volume is 550 liters. The dealer near me recommends buying such a model for comfortable driving around the city and outside of it. The rear seats can be folded down then the trunk volume will be increased to 1600 liters. It will allow you to transport measurement cargo in the car.

Main technical characteristics

On the modern market the car is presented with two engine options: diesel and gasoline. For greater convenience, the manufacturer has provided a robotic and automatic gear box. You can choose four-wheel drive or front-wheel drive as well. Thanks to the wide variety of improvements provided, this series of cars becomes versatile and will be able to meet the needs of any driver.

The manufacturer has equipped the model with a host of useful technologies including:

  • BMW M xDrive all-wheel drive system which guarantees full adhesion to the road surface and helps cope with any road situation;
  • M Steptronik 8-speed automatic transmission has several shift algorithms which allows the driver to feel comfortable during dynamic driving, measured and economical driving;
  • M Servotronik system provides optimal steering effort which makes driving as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

You can buy a car with a 6-cylinder M TwinPower Turbo engine which has a capacity of 510 horsepower. It attracts with the beautiful sound of a sports car (BMW X3 M 40i). There is also a lightweight version for the diesel engine (BMW X3 M 40d). It has a higher efficiency. Two TwinScrol turbochargers with variable turbine geometry as well as a Common-Rail injection system are installed which will increase power up to 326 horsepower.

Cars from the BMW manufacturer mean not only power and beauty but also a host of innovative solutions. They will increase mobility and allow the driver to experience real driving comfort. New X3 M cars in any configuration will be equipped with:

  • a driving assistant, it will provide a high level of comfort and safety;
  • a parking assistant, it simplifies maneuvering the car when parking, includes a circular vision system and top view;
  • “Connected” application which allows you to access your vehicle from your smartphone so you can always stay in touch with your vehicle.

The car is equipped with the latest navigation system Professional with LCD and color display, it includes a radio and a DVD player. The hard disk of the system has a memory up to 20 GB and will be able to store a large number of files. It can be operated with a convenient touch screen or seven shortcut keys.

Benefits of working with our dealer

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