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BMW X5 car

The car remains a status thing that directly speaks of the owner's wealth. The BMW X5 is a good solution for those who value maximum comfort and want to feel like a king on the road. The SUV features excellent design, easy handling and low fuel consumption. An official dealer will help you buy a new car at the most pleasant price. With his assistance you will have an impeccable service and the most favorable conditions for cooperation.

Main characteristics of the BMW X5 and model range

The first BMW X5 model appeared in 1999. Since then 4 generations of the car have already been released. The "X" in the name symbolizes four-wheel drive and number "5" means that the model is based on the 5-series model (BMW E39), but it is longer, lower and narrower. X5 belongs to business class cars, it is characterized by increased safety while driving (for the driver and passenger).

The series features a sophisticated stylish design that brings together all the advantages of the X range:

  • laser headlights with blue design elements;
  • good dynamics with the xOffroad package and air suspension on both axles;
  • correct organization of the luggage space for maximum comfort (the volume is 645 liters, if the rear seats are folded it increases to 1870 liters, the upper and lower doors open automatically).

The car is designed for 5 people. The interior is trimmed with genuine leather making it luxurious. Special lighting helps you enjoy the unique atmosphere. A distinctive feature is the ability to customize an individual air aromatization system with four different natural scents. A special audio system is installed that provides studio sound while driving. Passengers and driver enjoy listening to their favorite song.

The car goes well on any road: smooth asphalt, sand, gravel, rocky terrain, snow. It is a pleasure to travel by this car because it can even enter difficult terrain. Buyers are offered several models of the BMW X5:

  • xDrive30d (engine capacity 3 l, 265 hp, runs on diesel fuel);
  • xDrive45e (hybrid, engine capacity 3L, 286 HP);
  • xDrive 25d (runs on diesel fuel, automatic transmission, engine capacity 2L, 231 hp);
  • the new BMW X5 xDrive 40i (automatic transmission, runs on gasoline, engine capacity 3L, 340 hp) released in 2018.

All cars in this series have approximately the same design, but differ in technical characteristics and cost. The choice depends on the personal preference of the client. The latest model is the most powerful but it also consumes more fuel. It has more intuitive control than other models, automatic steering when reversing at a distance of up to 80 m. The xDrive45e model is the most economical. It consumes little fuel and it is possible to charge from electricity or drive on gasoline.

Although the crossover is not a sports car, the X5 xDrive 40i is well suited for those who enjoy aggressive driving and drafting. This effect is achieved thanks to the electronic locking of the rear differential which improves the grip of the tires on the road surface.

A few words about the manufacturer

BMW is a German company that specializes in the production of cars, motorcycles and bicycles. It is translated from German as "Bavarian Machine-Building Plant". Founded in 1916 the company has been constantly improving and modernizing. The first years of its work can hardly be called successful. The war and the post-war period turned out to be difficult. Only in the early 1960s it began to produce cars that became popular all over the world. Today BMW company has managed to prove that it produces only quality products you can trust. It runs under the slogan "The Ultimate Driving Machine". It tries to do everything to make the driver feel comfortable from driving to climate control.

Today BMW cars are the most recognizable thanks to the superbly thought-out design of the front grille, the company emblem and the massive bumper. It cannot be confused with any other brand.

Benefits of cooperation with our company

If you need a new BMW car please select the nearest company showroom. Mycars is a reliable dealer near me. Here you will find the complete range of the German manufacturer:

  • BMW 1er.
  • BMW 2.
  • BMW 3.
  • BMW X2.
  • BMW X3.
  • BMW X4.

BMW X5 and others.

If you cannot decide on your own our specialist will answer all your questions, help you choose the most suitable option based on your needs and financial capabilities. You can choose several models and arrange a test drive. It will help you understand whether you feel comfortable driving the car, advantages and disadvantages of the model. You can buy a BMW car here at the best price. The company provides an official guarantee as well as service (diagnostics and repair). Everything is done here to ensure that customers are satisfied with the service and quality.





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