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BMW X6 model

Many people cannot imagine their life without a car today. This is not just a way to travel but also a reflection of high income of the owner. The BMW X6 is a mid-size crossover that is well suited for everyday driving in the city as well as outside the city. An official dealer will help you to buy a car of this brand at the most reasonable price, offering the highest level of service.

BMW X6 features

When choosing a car, many people prefer a BMW X6. This model was first presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2007 and went on sale in 2008. It is assembled in Spartanburg (South Carolina) and in Kaliningrad (Russia). “X” in the name means that the car has four-wheel drive and number “6”means that it is the next model after the X5. The difference between these models is that the X6 is slightly longer and wider and it has an improved design.

The car has the main features of an SUV (four-wheel drive, high ground clearance, massive wheels, a high-torque engine), but it also has common features with a coupe (a strong roof slope at the rear). The manufacturer positions it as a sports coupe for outdoor activities.

In 2012 the car underwent a small upgrade, changed its appearance and received new functions. After that auto sales have grown significantly. It is very popular in the USA, China, UAE, Saudi Arabia and the CIS countries. Several varieties of this series are produced today:

  • run on gasoline: xDrive35i (306 HP), xDrive50i (407 HP);
  • hybrids: Concept X6 ActiveHybrid, X6 Hybrid (both models have 407 hp, twin-turbo V8 and two electric motors but differ in design);
  • diesel: xDrive30d (245 hp, lowest CO2 emissions).

Regardless of the model, the new BMW X6 attracts with its incredibly stylish design: large headlights with blue overflow, a powerful grille, and its emblem are the most recognizable in the world of cars. The characteristic features of the X6 are:

  • sports exhaust system M;
  • adaptive suspension M;
  • rear-view mirrors M Carbon;
  • M Carbon rear spoiler;
  • sports seats for the driver and front passenger;
  • Offroad package.


The BMW X6 performs well on any road (smooth asphalt, gravel, sand, snow). These results are achieved thanks to the large, massive wheels, as well as the special Offroad package, which helps to adapt the all-wheel drive system to the surface quickly. The model is ideal for traveling all over the country. It can even drive into hard-to-pass places.

Many users note the maximum comfort inside the cabin, an impeccable climate control which maintains a comfortable temperature and humidity, and you can also choose one of 4 aromas. The rear seat has an entertainment system (2 screens with the ability to connect to the phone or the Internet). Listening to music has become much more enjoyable thanks to the stereo sound system. 2 temperature-controlled cupholders become a pleasant bonus. They will always keep your drink warm.

The BMW X6 has a large roomy trunk equipped with flexible fastening nets, rails and hinges. If necessary the rear seats can be removed. It will double the volume of the trunk and you can put everything you need.

A few words about the manufacturer

BMW is a German company that has been on the market since 1916. It has manufacturing facilities around the world. Today it is one of the leaders in automobile production. Its products are appreciated for their excellent quality and unusual design. The main motto is "The Ultimate Driving Machine". It means that the company is trying to create cars distinguished by the maximum comfort for both the driver and the passenger, so you can see comfortable seats, a special climate control system, a personal driving assistant and many other options.

Models developed here are considered one of the safest in the world. BMW is working on improving the vehicle design. It is often associated with predatory animals and is bright and memorable.

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