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BMW X6 M - a car with expressive design and dynamic performance

BMW is a Bavarian concern, one of the three leading companies involved in the production of premium cars. The full-fledged crossover came off the assembly line in 2009. It received the prefix "M", demonstrating the brand's philosophy regarding the creation of cars and motorcycles that combine power and comfort. In 5 years the German manufacturer will present the X6 version. It has a pronounced sporty exterior, more powerful engines, and new chassis settings. The new BMW X6 M is excellent. Any person driving this car gets real pleasure from the trip.

Exterior of BMW X6 M

It is no secret that a person first of all pays attention to the appearance of a car. This series of the German brand demonstrates its superiority over others showing its worthy dynamic characteristics, excellent maneuverability, stylish and expressive design. Buyers are invited to familiarize themselves with the new models in this series: BMW X6 M50i and BMW X6 M50d. They delight in a harmonious combination of performance, economy, safety and comfort. The X6 M equipped with the M xDrive system amazes customers with its luxurious interior, excellent dynamics which is ensured by sports genes. But you become more delighted looking at the X6 M Competition. It is also equipped with the M xDrive system and features for increased power and refinement. Just one glance is enough to see the true potential of this model.

Designers and constructors of the German brand have developed the technical elements of the car's appearance in such a way that they fulfill not only the main tasks but also make the vehicle's exterior stylish and attractive:

  • new optics on the front of the crossover;
  • massive bumper equipped with built-in air collectors;
  • the radiator grille is made in a traditional style and resembles two "nostrils" in shape;
  • vertical slots located along the edges of the bumper create a thin air stream;
  • the car's profile has become even more dynamic, and the optics are more elegant;
  • there are exhaust pipes on different sides of the massive rear bumper;
  • R20 rims are made of light alloys distinguished by their sophistication. If desired, they can be replaced with more massive products.

The car has become more sporty and attractive overall. Its length, height and width have increased, and the ground clearance has become 100 mm less than standard. Even the car weight itself was reduced by 40 kg. If you decide to buy a BMW of this series an official dealer will provide essential assistance. Contacting him is a great solution. He understands not only the nuances of the offered car models but also knows how to sell. With his help the client can save a significant amount of money.

Features and characteristics of the BMW X6 M

The BMW X6 M models offer outstanding operational and technical characteristics. Excellent performance is achieved thanks to the perfect suspension and power train. Machines of this series are distinguished by excellent maneuverability and accuracy. These characteristics are the same regardless of whether the car is driving on the highway or a race track. Among the main technical characteristics are:

  1. New powerful 8-cylinder petrol engine. It meets current standards and is capable of developing a power of 625 h/p. It is designed to withstand extreme conditions on the race track.
  2. The dynamic potential of the vehicle is achieved due to a special suspension and an active differential. The driver can use 3 driving modes: SPORT, SPORT +, COMFORT and choose 3 options for the dynamic control system settings.
  3. Dynamic driving and maximum tractive effort is achieved thanks to the intelligent M xDrive all-wheel drive system. The driver chooses 2 drive modes: full 4WD or the sports version - 4WD Sport.
  4. The brakes in the car are made of composite materials. They show effective vehicle deceleration, high stable performance and reliability.
  5. The presence of the Servotronic system ensures the development of the optimal steering force in accordance with the vehicle speed. Steering is precise and independent of vehicle speed.

It is worth noting a number of driver assistance systems and smart solutions with which the BMW X6 M series is equipped. You can feel the comfort even before getting into the car. For example, we can talk about the presence of a BMW Display Key in the kit. The available assistance package provides the driver and passengers with safety and comfort throughout the trip. It includes the following systems:

  • keeping the lane in narrow places;
  • management assistant;
  • activation of emergency braking and light signaling;
  • parking assistant, etc.

All trip information is given via the head-up display on the windscreen. It is in the driver's field of vision, so he pays full attention to the road. The screen displays: speed, data on its limitation, signs prohibiting overtaking. To purchase a BMW X6 M series car, it is recommended to find a dealer near you, who will help you arrange and complete the transaction from start to finish.





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