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Chevrolet cars are great vehicles no matter what category or class they belong to. The Chevrolet Blazer model is produced by the American automaker for everyone who loves to feel the power and excellent cross-country ability of their car. This classic crossover will bring pleasure to its owner from the process of driving. Well thought-out construction and stylish design make it stand out from many competitors in this market segment.

The marketing policy of General Motors which owns Chevrolet is aimed at producing vehicles that best meet the needs of drivers. The manufacturer tries not to impose his vision of the situation on customers but together with their wishes releases new cars with up-to-date characteristics. Chevrolet Blazer is the quintessence of style and power, beautiful design and modern technology. Having bought this car you will decide for yourself the issue of movement on any roads at any distance for a long time.

All the latest modifications of the Chevrolet Blazer can be purchased from the company's authorized dealers. In the dealerships of such sellers you can always get acquainted with all existing car modifications. And most importantly they sell the latest versions of the vehicle which due to their qualities will remain a role model for a long time.

History of the creation of the model

The Chevrolet Blazer crossover bears the name of a successful line of cars from the American automaker. Frame SUVs Blazer began to be produced back in 1969. The modern model is completely different from them both in design and in purpose. The only thing that has remained unchanged is the legendary Chevrolet quality and thoughtful design which is made in the spirit of free and non-stop movement.

If the first Chevrolet Blazer models were angular and strict SUVs with a masculine character the modern car looks like a sports and fast vehicle with cross-country ability.

The car fully complies with modern trends where one model can combine the qualities of a family, sports, executive and SUV car. Its daily operation receives only positive feedback from drivers. Having a new Chevrolet Blazer in your garage you can solve absolutely any transport tasks: from off-road races to cargo transportation.

It is definitely necessary to buy a Chevrolet Blazer only by visiting the car showroom in person. The extensive electronic database of our site will allow you to choose an authorized dealer near me. With this approach you can make a decision about the advisability of buying a car with complete confidence.

Technical advantages of the model

The overall design line the Chevrolet Blazer made is fully consistent with the typical exterior of other models of this manufacturer. Slim, stylish headlights fit the corners of the front part of the hood. The massive grille does not look aggressive. The running lights have a very solid size and are traditionally located on the lower edges of the bumper near the wheels.

The side windows taper from the front door to the trunk lid. The rear windshield is not very large and a small visor covers it stylishly on top.

The machine has the following dimensions:

  • height - 170 cm;
  • wheelbase - 286 cm;
  •  width - 195 cm;
  •  length - 486 cm.

Low for a car of this class the ground clearance of 182 mm was chosen by the designers in order to increase the stability of the car on the road at high-speed cornering.

The Chevrolet Blazer engine range includes three units that allow you to choose between power and economy. The starting version is a two-liter petrol engine with 234 horsepower and 350 Nm of torque. The older model is a 3.6-liter and 309-horsepower engine.

An excellent nine-speed automatic gearbox is responsible for the transmission. By smoothly adjusting the gear ratio it chooses itself the optimal speed for the most efficient movement.

The interior of the car deserves special attention. Its development was aimed at ensuring maximum comfort for the driver and passengers. The ergonomically positioned controls are very comfortable and practical. On the steering wheel there are buttons for controlling the speaker system. The manufacturer retained the classic dashboard with analogue indicators which is perfectly matched with the large touchscreen located above the gear lever.

A special style is given to the interior design by the windows of the ventilation and air conditioning system. They are round and made in the style of an aircraft turbine. Chrome-plated contours of parts are actively used in the cabin. The excellent interior is flawlessly complemented by the leather upholstery of the seats.


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