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A car is not just a way to travel, but an opportunity to declare your high status. The new Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 is a new generation car that strikes with its appearance and technical characteristics. Today every car enthusiast wants to get her into the collection. The official dealer of Mycars offers a large model range of this brand, the most favorable terms of cooperation.

Car design

The new sixth generation Chevrolet Camaro was presented at the end of March 2016 and went on sale by the end of the year. The ZL1 modification significantly differs from its predecessors in its more aggressive appearance. The following elements are immediately evident:

  • powerful aerodynamic body kit along the perimeter of the body;
  • embossed hood;
  • extended wheel arches;
  • powerful spoiler;
  • 20-inch wheels of the original design (wrapped in 285/30 / R20 tires at the front and 305/30 / R20 at the rear).

The car has a very striking sporty design that will not leave anyone indifferent. The feature is the large air intake, on which the ZL1 emblem flaunts. A small hatch is located at the top, which makes a great addition to the exterior. The car has 2 doors, which allows you to achieve a perfect resemblance to sports cars.

The interior design is rather restrained and sporty. Here are recaro leather orthopedic seats, which have an electronic control system, heating and ventilation. You can buy this car for the sake of such multifunctional seats. The driver's "cockpit" is equipped with an original three-spoke multifunction steering wheel with a cut-off lower rim.

The car has a relatively small trunk - 255 liters, which is typical for sports cars, the rear seats do not fold, so it will not be possible to increase the volume at their expense.

Specifications and dimensions

ZL1 is a "civilian car", which in its characteristics is not much inferior to racing cars. It has a V-shaped eight-cylinder LT4 engine (6.2-liter), the power of 660 horsepower. The model is equipped with an Eaton mechanical supercharger. The engine is based on the naturally aspirated LT1 engine, it has a stronger cylinder head made from a special aluminum alloy, titanium intake valves and extra strong piston pins. Thanks to this feature, the car is rightfully considered one of the most powerful of its series.

The ZL1 has a new 10R90 10-speed hydromechanical transmission. The dynamic range of the box has been expanded to 7.39, which allows maintaining the engine speed at a suitable level, significantly reducing fuel consumption when driving at high speed. The box uses 4 planetary gear sets and 6 sets of clutches. In the manufacture of the engine, a special oil was used, which allows to increase the life of the pistons.

The creators of the car understood that a car that develops such a tremendous speed must have good brakes. The ZL1 has six-piston brakes at the front on assembled discs with a diameter of 390 millimeters, which allows you to brake quickly even on slippery roads.

The dealer near me offers to buy a car that is large enough for a sports car, dimensions, they are (mm):

  • length - 4783;
  • width -1897
  • height -1331.

Such large dimensions allow you to feel as comfortable as possible inside the car. An experienced driver does not feel any discomfort while driving, he can enjoy a perfect merge with the road.

If you cannot independently figure out all the modifications of the sixth generation Chevrolet Camaro, you can contact the specialists of our company for help. They will tell you what details to look out for based on your preference, driving style and many other factors.

Benefits of our authorized dealer

If you are interested in the sale of new cars of world brands, the official dealer of Mycars is always at your service. It has a huge network of branches throughout the country, an automatic system on the site matches where the nearest salon is located. It is very convenient; you do not need to go to the other end of the city if a reliable dealer is not far from your home.

The company managed to assemble a large team of professionals who are well versed in cars, will tell you about the main characteristics of the models that are most often of interest to customers.

A car is an expensive purchase, so a test drive is required before making a choice. You can sign up for it by phone or on the website. The manager will call you back to clarify the details. The check will make sure that you are comfortable behind the wheel, you feel the car well, it is spacious and comfortable enough. No matter how much the seller talks about the advantages of the car, only a test drive allows you to make the right decision.

Buying from an authorized dealer has its advantages - high-quality cars with a car warranty, service (diagnostics and repairs using original spare parts), polite and courteous service.



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