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New Chevrolet Cobalt – a car for every day

Chevrolet is reliable and low-maintenance vehicles that are sold at a reasonable price. The company focuses on the middle class population and produces cars with the most versatile use for every day. Despite the fact that the younger Chevrolet modifications cannot boast of powerful engines and widespread use of electronic components, these cars are popular in the market. The Cobalt has the necessary set of advantages to deserve your attention.

New Chevrolet vehicles are sold by official dealers of the company. Their wide network is represented throughout the country thanks to which the acquisition of the Cobalt model will not be difficult. The presence of a large number of sellers somewhat complicates their selection however our site will help you choose the best offer at the remunerative price. We work only with trusted dealers of the company whose work receives positive feedback. As a result the client gets a car in the best configuration with the maximum package of pre-sale services.

Technical features

The existing Chevrolet Cobalt is a completely revamped version of the car launched on the market in 2004. The second generation entered mass production in 2011 is technically an independent development and inherits only the name from the pilot project. The car is produced in a sedan body and is aimed at undemanding drivers who want to have a quality vehicle for daily travel.

The focus on the mass market has endowed this car with a sufficiently large set of characteristics that ensure its comfortable everyday use. The new Chevrolet Cobalt boasts such advantages as:

  • comfortable volumetric cabin designed to carry 5 passengers;
  • roomy trunk;
  • low operating costs;
  • high quality components;
  •  long period between overhauls;
  • easy service and maintenance.

The car has a classic modern design. The streamlined body gives the car a good drag coefficient. And although this car is not intended for sports races the low drag contributes to a quick set of speed.

The radiator grille located in the front part has a modest size and is divided into three sections among which the company logo is located. The total area of the air intakes is sufficient to ensure that the engine of the machine is operated at the correct temperature. Massive headlights are made harmoniously and flow around the hood of the car. The round side lights are located separately in the lower part of the bumper.

The standard radio antenna is located in the center at the front of the roof. This is a good decision both from a design and a technical point of view. The rear boot lid and the opening mechanism are classic. The lock provides reliable fixation of this element: the trunk will not open spontaneously even when driving over rough terrain.

Despite the fact that the Chevrolet Cobalt is an ordinary car for everyday use nevertheless it is better to buy it personally from an authorized dealer. Getting familiar with the model will help you determine the optional equipment that you can install for maximum comfort and easy operation. The electronic database of our site will allow you to find an official dealer near me in the shortest possible time.

Advantages of the model

The production models of the Chevrolet Cobalt are equipped with gasoline engines. Depending on the version petrol engines of 1.4, 1.8 or 1.5 liters are installed. The car is front-wheel drive which provides it with good handling and maneuverability. In addition the choice of transmission type is allowed. For the transmission of torque with a given gear ratio to the wheels a six-speed automatic or manual gearbox can be responsible. Chevrolet Cobalt has the following dimensions:

  • wheelbase - 103 inches;
  • length - 176 inches;
  • width 68 inches;
  • height - 59 inches.

The car interior in addition to good volume provides a high level of comfort due to its thoughtfulness and ergonomics. Although only plastic and fabric dominate the design of the trim nevertheless it reflects the desire of the developers to provide the driver and passengers with the maximum pleasure from the trip. Velour upholstery fabric can be dark gray or light. Both front and back row seats are comfortable enough for everyone who is in the car and travels for a long time. When purchasing a Chevrolet Cobalt you should pay attention to the presence of such systems:

  • two airbags;
  • anti-lock braking system;
  • electric mirrors;
  • air conditioner;
  •  heated front seats.

Sale of Chevrolet Cobalt is carried out by official dealers of the company. When choosing a seller we recommend that you familiarize yourself with all the offers because some individual dealers may offer models with the maximum configuration at the regular price.



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