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The new Chevrolet Express Cargo is a versatile vehicle

The Chevrolet Express Cargo series is a line of heavy duty, versatile and performance models. Different modifications are equipped with several engines. You can buy a car from this series in a different body and configuration. The main feature of these machines is the ability to choose a car that will meet all your requirements. There are versions of cars that are designated for the transport of passengers and others for the transport of goods.

The new Chevrolet Express Cargo is basically the same as the previous generation. It also remained a working van. A number of new systems have appeared in the equipment such as lane departure warning and direct collision.


Such machines differ in overall dimensions. The cabin can be accessed through any of 5 doors. The front end is equipped with narrow headlights under which there is a metal bar with the brand logo. This van has an imposing exterior that attracts the attention of motorists. It features a massive bumper. At the rear the doors open in a hinged form so they make it easy to get into the cabin or load things.


Chevrolet Express Cargo vehicles can be configured to carry 15 people or up to a ton of cargo. Thanks to this they are suitable for delivering goods, for business and work moments. If the vehicle is configured for cargo transportation then the owner can easily install several seats for passengers. This is a handy feature especially when people are needed to unload equipment, goods or other cargo.

The interior space is equipped with various convenient systems. Here you can connect your smartphone and make hands-free calls while driving. A modern navigation system and a small display add reliability and confidence in driving. Also the cars are equipped with an excellent sound system.


Since Chevrolet Express Cargo cars can be cargo or passenger vans everyone has the opportunity to choose any option that suits them best. You can purchase vehicles equipped with one of three motors. The main engine has a volume of 4.3 liters and a capacity of 276 horses. It is also possible to take a more powerful van with a power plant of 6 liters and 341 horsepower.

A diesel engine is also provided for these models. It is capable of developing 181 horsepower. This motor is the best option for saving money on the purchase of a gas pump. It features low noise and vibration level that’s why the sale of such vans is very popular.

The handling of the Chevrolet Express Cargo is smooth and comfortable. The transport operates with a six-speed automatic which makes it possible to change gears in manual mode. The braking system is effective but smooth. This allows the machine to stop safely even when fully loaded.


These cars are distinguished by a high level of safety for the driver and passengers. With the help of the tire pressure monitor all indicators can be monitored. The parking function allows you to position the car correctly in the right place. Even the Chevrolet Express Cargo is built for safety. This van features steel beams and a sturdy frame.

Flexibility in customization

The main advantage of these minibuses is the ability to customize them in different ways. You can change the interior of the cabin to accommodate passengers or for the operating mode of goods delivery. You can also place a special tool inside the cabin if you work for a service company. There are many options such as ladder posts, side sliding doors. Each driver has the opportunity to reconfigure the car to suit his needs. To purchase such a model you can enter "dealer near me" in the search engine.

Excellent lifting capacity

The towing and carrying capacity depend on the choice of the power plant of a car. They will vary based on model, interior trim level and configuration. If the vehicle is properly equipped it will be able to tow loads up to 4535 kg. These parameters are the best in this class of such cars.

Chevrolet Express Cargo is one of the main pillars in the van market. They are durable and reliable. Their simple but powerful design rarely breaks down. If this happens it is easily corrected.

These beautiful cars are a good choice as a separate work van and for small business needs. Thanks to a wide range of settings such transport will be useful for any organization. The high level of reliability and good performance make the Chevrolet Express Cargo in demand. An authorized dealer will provide complete information about the vehicles and also help you to purchase one of these models profitably.


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