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The new Chevrolet Express Cutaway is a powerful van

The Chevrolet Express Cutaway series of cars are powerful vans that do their job well. These are rear-wheel drive cars. They are equipped with a powerful motor. Everything in the cab is designed so that the driver is comfortable under any conditions. The bucket seats have a high back which is very comfortable for all passengers. Vinyl flooring and protective interior door panels enhance interior durability.


The exterior is striking in its impressive dimensions. The massive black front bumper catches the eye as well as the grille which is made of composite material. There are double halogen lights next to it. The transport is equipped with high-quality all-season tires. Tinted glass lends a distinctive style to the exterior. The sale of such machines is very popular due to its versatility and overall dimensions.


Cars of this line are distinguished by a functional interior. Everything is provided for the comfort of the driver and passengers. The ceiling is upholstered with quality fabric. In order to protect the eyes from the sun visors are located in front of the seats. In any weather such transport will be comfortable to ride since you can turn on the air conditioner. All the necessary control keys are located on the dashboard. The cabin also has cup holders which is very convenient on long journeys. The cab is equipped with interior lighting, so the lighting is switched on at night if necessary. With the help of electrical anti-theft protection you don't have to worry about hacking by intruders. Also in the cabin there are 2 sockets that allow you to connect chargers for a smartphone or other devices.

The new Chevrolet Express Cutaway has three wheelbase lengths, two transmissions and a host of other accessories. For example the Express 3500 Cutaway has a nominal gross weight of 20,000 pounds and a gross vehicle weight of 12,300 pounds. The Express 4500 Cutaway has a GVW of 14,200 pounds. It is a versatile and durable vehicle.


The machines in this series are equipped with a number of advanced safety technologies. They help in collision detection and prevention. For example, while driving on the road the system can warn the driver when it detects a possible collision with the vehicle driving in front. It also notifies about cars moving behind. To purchase one of the models you can enter "dealer near me" in the search engine.

Special camera technology facilitates automatic harsh emergency braking. Therefore the possibility of collision is minimized.

The safety package also includes a tire pressure monitoring system that notifies the driver of changes. You cannot do without its help when you need to start off the rise. The car begins to move slowly and smoothly. The cabin contains 2 airbags for the driver and the passenger who is located on the right side.


The standout features of the Chevrolet Express Cutaway are:

  • equipping with a 4.3 liter petrol engine;
  • disc brakes;
  • anti-lock braking system on all wheels;
  • power steering;
  • towing mode switch;
  • aluminum exhaust pipe.

Chevrolet Express Cutaway cars will delight you with a range of entertainment systems. A powerful audio system, a digital clock, support for Internet connections are just a few features of such a van.

Also the cars are distinguished by a leather steering wheel. It gives a pleasant sensation from interacting with it, makes the interior more stylish. Cruise control makes it possible to move at an optimal speed for a long time. An official dealer will provide complete information about the vehicles and help purchase one of the vans profitable for you.


The designs of this car allow them to be used for different purposes: for utilities, in the form of a school bus or an ambulance. Therefore the choice of such models makes it possible to carry out any tasks for the business. These are powerful trucks that have a special design allowing you to rebuild them easily in your own way.

As options and packages it is possible to connect a mobile phone to the car audio system. Thus you can be in touch without being distracted from driving. The packages also include an interior rearview mirror with a camera, power windows and power door locks.

To buy Chevrolet Express Cutaway is a good solution for people doing business such as transportation of people, goods, equipment, tools and materials for work. This is a universal vehicle because each owner has the opportunity to rebuild it for his own needs. In addition a number of innovative systems allow you to be safe while driving such a car.


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