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The new Chevrolet Silverado is an off-road conqueror

The Chevrolet Silverado belongs to the category of full-size pickups. The car comes with rear or all-wheel drive. The manufacturer offers a choice of different sizes of the cargo platform, 3 cab options:

  • single;
  • one and a half;
  • double row.

Auto is aimed at a wide audience of users. The pickup truck is suitable for transporting various goods. Such a car is an excellent option for transporting passengers and luggage. Many users see it as a modern pickup truck with good technical equipment and capabilities. The beginning of the release of this model took place back in 1998. Until now, the car has received several updates. With each new version, it was improved, it became better in technical terms. In terms of sales, the car occupies a leading position among its competitors. In America alone, up to 550 thousand units are sold per year.

Buying a new Chevrolet Silverado from an authorized dealer is the best option. Here the buyer receives a quality car under a manufacturer's warranty. During its validity, car maintenance and repairs are carried out free of charge. You can choose a car in the desired configuration and color for any customer's request.

The debut of the fourth generation of this car took place in December 2017. The Silverado event was held in Texas to commemorate the centenary of the first Chevrolet pickup. The official premiere took place a month later, at the Detroit International Auto Show. If we compare the car with the previous version, then there are changes in everything. The appearance has improved and become more modern. The overall dimensions have become larger, but the weight of the car has decreased. Also in the latest model, the interior has been updated. Now the car is being built on a new platform, it received improved motors.

Silverado Features and Capabilities

The exterior of the car embodies all the features of the American style. The appearance of the pickup is brutal and attractive. The modern design really liked the motorists. The front part has updated lighting technology, located in two levels. The radiator grille has also become more massive, along with the bumper. It should be noted that the appearance of the car will differ depending on its configuration. The general features of the pickup remained similar to previous versions of the car. A knocked-down silhouette with sidewalls with reliefs, wheel arches of a square type, the Chevrolet logo located at the stern, stylish lamps located vertically.

When the official dealer is near me, choosing a car is much easier. The company employs experienced managers who will help with choosing a car. In the presence of a large assortment of original spare parts and components for various brands of cars. Our buyers will find the lowest prices for all car models.

If we compare the Silverado with its predecessor, then it can be noted that the car has become larger in size. For the basic version, the length is 5263 mm, the center distance here is 3123 mm. The weight of the car has decreased by 204 kg. A massive four-spoke multi-steering wheel awaits the user in the interior. The dashboard is equipped with two dials and an on-board computer. On the front panel, there are many buttons for controlling car systems, which are responsible for the microclimate and other minor functions.

Features of Chevrolet Silverado

 Only high-quality materials are used for the interior decoration of the car. The choice is very wide:

  • solid plastic;
  • leather;
  • good fabrics;
  • inserts made of metal or wood.

The capacity of the car depends on the configuration. The single cab is equipped with two seats with good lateral support and various adjustments. The equipment with a one-and-a-half cab has a small, second row of seats. Passengers will not be very comfortable on it. Accordingly, the model with a double cab is equipped with a full-fledged rear row of seats. Three passengers will comfortably sit here. The pickup is available in two platform options for cargo. The basic modification has a width of 1473 mm, the volume of cargo that it holds is 1784 liters.

An official dealer is the best opportunity to find a car in the right configuration. Also, the buyer receives a guarantee for the car from the manufacturer. The company's managers will help all customers to choose a car for the required parameters and characteristics. To contact us, use the contacts presented on the site.

The latest generation Chevrolet Silverado has three engine options. These are two petrol engines of 5.3 and 6.2 liters. These are V-shaped eights with distributed fuel injection. Gas distribution phases are also configurable. The presence of the technology allows one or more cylinders to be switched off at low uniform loads. There is also a diesel engine with a volume of 3 liters. It is a 6-cylinder in-line unit with a turbocharger, intercooler and direct fuel injection. Two gearbox options are installed on the car. The first is a 10-speed automatic machine, the second is designed for 8 speeds.



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