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The new Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD Chassis Cab is a powerful truck

The new Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD Chassis Cab is a heavy pickup truck. After the update, this series of cars received a changed appearance - there was a noticeable muscularity. The interior of the cabin has also changed. These pickups received new headlights, a modified radiator grille, and fenders.

This transport looks powerful, stylish and impressive. Large dimensions, massive wheels, a powerful front bumper are striking. There are quality headlights on the back. The interior is spacious enough. The interior is simple and laconic. This series of cars is considered one of the best options in its class, based on the towing weight and powerful turbodiesel engine.

Features of the models

This series of machines are units that are able to cope with any task. They are strong and capable. They are distinguished by their robust construction. They have a rigid frame using steel cross members, large driveshafts and quality hinges. Such transport can be used for different areas of work. Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD Chassis Cabs are offered in different versions, so each owner can convert them to meet their needs. You can choose a model with a regular cab or a crew body. They are equipped with a powerful rear differential.

The line of cars can be equipped with the following powertrain options: gasoline and turbodiesel. Both have a volume of 6.6 liters. The first engine features impressive torque output, a cast iron cylinder block, forged shaft and connecting rods. Its maximum power is considered to be 401 horsepower. It works with a 6-speed gearbox.

The second engine develops power up to 445 horsepower. Features a unique air start system and variable geometry turbocharger for high performance and durability. Works with a 10-speed automatic transmission. An official dealer can provide more detailed information and can help you profitably purchase one of the models of the Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD Chassis Cab series.


The interior of the cars is very spacious and there are also many useful sections. The center console has a large storage compartment for your belongings. Small pockets and drawers are built into the doors for storing small items.

On the dashboard, you can see 2 USB ports through which you can connect a smartphone and always be in touch. There is also an outlet that allows you to charge your devices while on the road.

The center console is equipped with a touchscreen and infotainment system. It will be very convenient for the driver to control various functions, since everything you need is at hand. Wi-Fi connection is also available, it is possible to use the myChevrolet application.

If you want to buy a truck that can be easily converted into a business vehicle, then the Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD Chassis Cab is a great option.

The main advantages of such a vehicle are:

  • a large number of innovations in the filling;
  • excellent traction capabilities;
  • interior using quality materials;
  • amazing functionality;
  • a large selection of complete sets.

Riding on such models is comfortable. The driver is located high up, so the entire road is visible through the large windshield. The traffic is quiet.

The Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD Chassis Cab are work trucks with simplicity and functionality. The body has 3 seats in front, they are made of vinyl. These are two-door models, designed to work. They provide only the most necessary: ​​air conditioning, a small screen, daytime running lights, disc brakes, traction and traction control, manual locks. All versions are rear-wheel drive, but as an option, for a surcharge, you can get an all-wheel drive version. If you want to buy such a car quickly, then you can enter a dealer near me in the search engine, and after a while become the owner of a powerful car. The chassis design allows you to install any type of body - it depends on the activities of the company.


As an implementation of driving safety, the Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD Chassis Cab has a set of systems, including electronic stability control. The vehicle is also equipped with powerful fog lights, heated adjustable vertical rear-view mirrors, direction indicators and additional lighting. As protection against burglary, a powerful, loud alarm is provided here. The seats in the cabin are equipped with seat belts and airbags. Ease of driving such vehicles adds confidence to the driver, so he feels safe. The sale of such vehicles is very popular because they are designed to perform the most difficult tasks.


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