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New Chevrolet Spark for comfortable city driving

American Automobile Concert General Motors is one of the largest vehicle manufacturing companies in the world. An active marketing policy provides for flexible handling of company-owned brands and car models. The subcompact Chevrolet Spark is a classic example of the company's application of technologies resulting from the takeover of a minority manufacturer. The acquired rights to new models contribute to the entry into the market of new and high-quality vehicles. Thus, the Chevrolet Spark has successfully expanded the line of affordable and practical models that are actively popular among novice car enthusiasts and those who need a car for the city.

Sales of Chevrolet vehicles are best organized by the company's official dealers, who have showrooms throughout the country. Receiving vehicles directly from the manufacturing plant, they set minimum prices for cars, and most importantly, they are ready to provide the buyer with a vehicle in the required configuration. Considering the overall significant number of companies from which the new Chevrolet Spark can be purchased, the process of selecting a seller can be delayed. Our site will help you save time, and possibly money, when buying a car. Cooperating with us, you will select for yourself the option that best suits your needs.

Model history

The ancestor of the Chevrolet Spark car is the subcompact Matiz model from the South Korean company Daewoo. However, the transition of this manufacturer into the sphere of influence of GM led to its deep modernization and a change in the name of the model. Launched today, the fourth generation Chevrolet Spark is a completely separate, redesigned and refined vehicle that shares only a common concept with previous modifications.

The Chevrolet Spark, which you can buy from authorized dealers today, first appeared in 2015. From that moment on, the car was regularly refined, but its global rebranding was not carried out to maintain the history of this model. The A-class of cars, to which the Chevrolet Spark belongs, is the lowest among cars in terms of its technical characteristics. However, this does not mean that the modest characteristics of a car engine or its small size somehow deteriorate its quality. What distinguishes the Chevrolet Spark from full-size cars is its purpose - it is a city car designed to travel at any distance in conditions of high traffic congestion on the streets.

By purchasing a Chevrolet Spark, the driver will immediately receive the following advantages over the owners of large cars:

  • reduced maintenance costs;
  • economical fuel consumption;
  • convenience and ease of parking in the city;
  • high maneuverability on a busy road;
  • optimal dimensions for transporting a small family.

A convenient search form, which is located on our website, will allow you to use the existing electronic database of sellers as efficiently as possible. With its help, you can easily find an authorized dealer near me. Buying a vehicle from a direct supplier will allow you to get the maximum pre-sale service package.

Technical features of the machine

Like most small cars, the Chevrolet Spark comes in a hatchback body. This allows the most efficient use of the compact dimensions of the machine. The result is a car with satisfactory capacity and good driving performance in urban environments. Chevrolet Spark has the following dimensions:

  • length - 364 cm;
  • width - 159.7 cm;
  • height - 155.2 cm;
  • wheelbase - 237.5 cm.

Small rims with a diameter of 13 inches are installed on the car. The undoubted plus is that tires from leading manufacturers in this size cost reasonable money. The ground clearance of the machine is 135 mm. This figure is quite modest to allow you to move on rough terrain, but for urban roads it is more than enough. In addition, the low seating position of the car provides it with good stability even at high-speed cornering.

The front-wheel drive Chevrolet Spark is designed to carry 4 medium-sized passengers. The trunk volume is 170 liters, which is enough for daily shopping trips.

The fourth generation Chevrolet Spark is equipped with only 2 gasoline engines:

  • one-liter 75 horsepower;
  • 1.6-liter with 98 horsepower.

The maximum speed of the older power unit, according to the manufacturer, is 162 km / h.

When buying a car from an authorized dealer, you should pay attention to the presence of additional systems such as:

  • improved audio system;
  • multimedia screen;
  • fast connection system with a mobile phone;
  • Cruise control;
  • Rear View Camera.

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