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The new Chevrolet Tahoe is a brutal SUV

Chevrolet Tahoe belongs to frame SUVs, with a strict, recognizable appearance. The user likes the car for its large interior, high level of comfort, excellent cross-country ability. There are no bad roads for this car. The machine easily conquers even the most difficult terrain. The main buyers of this model are men with a good level of income, for whom such a car allows them to stand out and emphasize their social status.

Chevrolet Tahoe began production in 1995, replacing the Blazer in the L5 model. The first versions of the car presented it as an ordinary SUV for work. Over time and updating models, its equipment improved, and the Tahoe began to be positioned as a premium class. Now the car is quite popular, up to 150 thousand units are sold per year.

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The car, depending on the configuration, can be for seven or eight passengers. The technical stuffing, even in the basic configuration, is quite rich. The car makes it easy to overcome difficult terrain. The fifth version of the car was presented to users in December 2019. The event took place at the sports arena of the city of Detroit and became a very significant event in the world of automobiles.

Machine characteristics and features

When comparing the fifth model Chevrolet Tahoe with its predecessors, it can be noted that it received many changes. The SUV received a new platform, and now it uses a new high-strength frame. The car is equipped with an independent suspension type. The exterior design of the Tahoe has also changed. The dimensions of the model have become larger, the volume of space inside the cabin has increased. Electronic systems have also been added to make driving even more comfortable and safer. Diesel engines began to be installed on fifth-generation cars.

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The exterior in the car retained its corporate identity, while adding brutality and solidity to it. With its large size, it looks pretty and comfortable enough. At the front, tapered headlights are installed that seamlessly connect to the LED running lights. The radiator grille, as befits a car of this size, is very impressive. For convenient loading of luggage, a large trunk lid is made. The hind feet are made vertically, in a form recognizable by motorists.

Other characteristics and innovations of the car

Chevrolet Tahoe of the latest model, like previous versions, will stand out in the stream of cars with its dimensions. Also, the car has its own innovations:

  • extended hood;
  • almost straight roof;
  • darkened racks at the back;
  • prominent sides;
  • large wheel arches.

Wheels with sizes from 18 to 22 inches are installed on the car. The SUV has dimensions appropriate for its class, its length is 5351 mm, width - 2058 mm, vehicle height - 1927 mm. In the five-door model, the center distance is 3071 mm.

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Inside, the Chevrolet Tahoe has retained its corporate identity. The massive four-spoke steering wheel is equipped with multifunctional functions. The instrument cluster familiar from past models with six analogue scales. On-board computer with a diagonal of 4.2 or 8 inches. The central panel houses a 10-inch entertainment monitor. It also contains various control buttons. Quality materials are used for interior decoration, from good plastic to genuine leather.

There is a lot of free space in the cabin. It will be comfortable for passengers of both the second and third row of seats. The trunk is large enough and equals 722 liters. If you fold the third and second row of seats, its volume can be increased to 2058 and 3479 liters. The car is equipped with a choice of three engine models. It can be a V-shaped engine of 5.3 liters or 6.2 liters, installed on top versions. Also, for the first time, a 3-liter diesel unit is offered, complete with a turbocharger. All models are fitted with a 10-speed automatic transmission. Four-wheel drive and a downshift will be available at an additional cost.


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