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The new Chevrolet TrailBlazer is perfect for everyday commuting

This frame SUV began its history in 1999. This is a medium-sized car which is positioned by the manufacturer as a car for daily use. The top-end equipment of this car was in great demand among motorists therefore since 2001 the car has begun to be produced as a separate model. In America and European countries, this version is being sold quite successfully. The car has been still producing.

The last update of the model took place in late spring 2016. Chevrolet Brazil has shown the production Trailblazer model to users. The second generation SUV model was presented in an updated form in spring as part of the auto show taking place in Bangkok. The results of the car modernization were visible to the "naked" eye. The developers managed to reduce the weight a little. Improvements were made to the interior. Now everything has become much more convenient for passengers. There are also various functional innovations that contribute to simpler and easier driving.

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After undergoing restyling, the front part was almost completely changed in the car. Now the car stands out with modern lighting technology. The radiator grille has become larger and received sharper features. The bumper is massive and embossed. Various modifications and changes made the car look modern. It looks much more solid and confident. At the same time some features of the body and its elements remained the same.

Parameters and configurations

The second model of the car although it received significant changes retained its previous dimensions on the outside. The length as before is 4878 mm, the width is 1902 mm and the height is 1848 mm. The wheelbase is 2845 mm which is relevant for the five-door model. The ground clearance of the car is quite good and equals 255 mm. This is quite enough for a comfortable overcoming of almost any off-road.

The second generation of TrailBlazer has received significant changes inside the cabin. The interior has changed, now it is more modern and practical. Materials of better quality than in the previous version were used for decoration. The front panel has also received a significant update. The SUV is equipped with a medium-sized three-spoke steering wheel. The center console houses a medium-sized high-quality multimedia screen. The various controls are directly accessible and do not need to be reached.

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As in the pre-styling model the cabin is designed for seven passengers. The cargo compartment depending on the folded seats can hold from 554 to 1830 liters of luggage. This will be enough for the transportation of various goods.

Engines and other features of the car

For the second Chevrolet TrailBlazer model the manufacturer offers two engine options. The first one is with a V-shaped arrangement of cylinders with a volume of 3.6 liters. Here is distributed injection. The engine produces 277 h/p and 350 Nm of torque. The second power unit is a 2.8 liter diesel. It is turbocharged and produces 200 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque. Both engines are paired with a six-speed automatic. The car is on four-wheel drive and has a low gear.

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There were no significant changes in the design of the second model of this car. Here the chassis remains on a rigid frame. The suspension is also based on double wishbones. The steering wheel was equipped with a rack and pinion mechanism, which was equipped with a hydraulic booster. Wheels with disc brakes. As standard, the car has airbags for the front passengers, installed an audio system, power windows, air conditioning, 16-inch wheels on alloy wheels.



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