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The new Chevrolet Traverse is reliable and durable

The Chevrolet Traverse is designed primarily for users of the North American continent. Indeed for many people living there it fits perfectly:

  • large dimensions;
  • good roominess;
  • sufficient power.

The machine is available with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. The first Traverse was introduced to users at the Chicago Auto Show in winter 2008. Already in the fall of the same year the car appeared on the free sale. The car quickly became popular with car enthusiasts. Later there were several changes and improvements to this model. Due to the constant demand for this car up to 100 thousand units are sold per year.

You can buy a new Chevrolet Traverse at a good price from an authorized dealer. The company offers for sale all available car configurations. All models are new under the manufacturer's warranty. During the warranty period the company performs maintenance and repair work related to the car free of charge. If necessary you can pick up a car with the required configuration and characteristics.

The car's appearance is one of its strong points. The updated second version of the Chevrolet Traverse looks like a full-fledged SUV from the outside. The car resembles a scaled-down version of full-size Chevrolet SUVs. Car enthusiasts will recognize it by such characteristic features:

  • massive radiator grill;
  • aggressive type of lighting equipment;
  • large wheel arches;
  • durable roof drains;
  • nice bumper at the rear.

Two exhaust pipes made in a peculiar form are complementing the overall picture of the car. Externally the design of the car has changed for the better, it has become more modern.

Dimensions and interior of the vehicle

The second generation Chevrolet Traverse is 5198 mm long, 1996 mm wide and 1795 mm high. With such a large size the model is considered a medium-sized car in the American market. The distance between the axles of the car is 3071 mm the ground clearance is 200 mm which is comfortable for overcoming off-road terrain. The weight of the car in the standard version is 1978 kg, in the version with all-wheel drive its weight is 2070 kg.

When an official dealer is near me buying a new car becomes much easier. The company also offers a large selection of spare parts. Components are available and on order. All spare parts are new from the official manufacturer. If it is difficult for a buyer to find a car, the managers of the company will help him with this problem. They will always suggest the best car options that will meet the buyer's requirements.

In the interior of the crossover everything is decorated in the style of most Chevrolet cars. Here the user will find soft rounded contours of elements and details that contribute to the comfort inside. A high-quality 7 or 8-inch multimedia display is installed. The screen sizes depend on the equipment of the machine. Behind the display is a free space that can be used as a stash or hidden glove compartment.

In addition to the touchscreen the central panel has convenient climate control. The driver's steering wheel is modern, has multifunctional features and equipped with 4 spokes. Instruments with arrows are also installed here. The on-board computer has a color screen. The car can accommodate up to 8 people. If the second row of seats is solid then three people will sit here. When two separate seats are installed only 2 passengers can be in the car.

Other features of the Chevrolet Traverse second generation

The seats for the driver and the passenger next to him have a wide range of adjustments. These are quite comfortable chairs, the only drawback of which is weak lateral support. The second row of seats in the option for three people is quite spacious and comfortable. The car has a fairly large trunk volume of 651 liters. This is true even for the 8-person version. The maximum volume of 2789 liters can be made by folding the 2nd and 3rd rows of seats.

The official dealer offers the best prices for all car models. New cars in various configurations can be bought at a remunerative price. There are a large selection of original spare parts and accessories here. If necessary company managers will help you choose a car. They will suggest the best options for a model that suits your requirements. You can contact us using the information on our website.

The second version of the Chevrolet Traverse has two petrol engine options. For most configurations a V-shaped six-cylinder engine with a volume of 3.6 liters is installed. It produces 310 horsepower and 360 Nm of torque. The second power unit has 4 cylinders, a volume of 2 liters with a capacity of 258 h/p and 400 Nm of torque. Both engines are mated to a 9-speed automatic transmission. It is the front-wheel drive car. Many different functions are also available in the transmission. For the maximum version four-wheel drive is available with the ability to lock the cross-axle differential. Acceleration to 100 km occurs in 6.9 seconds, the maximum speed declared by the manufacturer is 210 km / h. Fuel consumption on the highway is 9.4 liters, in the city 13.8 liters, in the combined cycle 10 liters.

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