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Chrysler is a well-known American company that produces affordable and quality cars. The main office of the manufacturer is located in Michigan. The company produces cars in a fairly wide range. The company was founded in 1924. Its founder is Walter Chrysler. The first model released by the company brought her wide popularity. It was a Chrysler 70, which was sold in large quantities. Since 1998 the company has been part of the Daimler-Chrysler concern. Today it is completely absorbed by the auto manufacturer Fiat.

When buying a new car, the best option is to contact an authorized dealer. Here you will find affordable prices for cars. You do not need to pay extra money to the intermediary. The deal is beneficial for the buyer economically allowing him to make significant savings in money. When you order a new car, you get a factory warranty. You can choose a vehicle with the required characteristics that will meet different customer’s demands. Chrysler cars are available in a wide range:

  • sedans;
  • minivans;
  • others.

The vehicles of this brand are quite popular. This car is in demand among users due to affordable price, long life of components and mechanisms, simple operation. Its servicing is simple and affordable. When buying a car from an authorized dealer, you will receive full servicing for the entire warranty period. It is much easier to buy original spare parts and various consumable materials from us.

Advantages of the Chrysler car

If you are looking to buy a new Chrysler, it is worth contacting an authorized dealer. Here the buyer will find cars in different configurations. The manufacturer offers customers a full range of maintenance for a new car. Experienced consultants working in the dealership will help you to make your choice. Taking into account your requirements and preferences, they will advise a worthy option. Chrysler cars are distinguished by high performance, among them are:

  • high degree of comfort;
  • simple control;
  • reliability of components;
  • modern design;
  • availability of repair and maintenance;
  • availability of modern technologies;
  • high degree of safety while driving.

Sedans and minivans are in the greatest demand among consumers. The Chrysler brand has focused on such models of cars. In their classes they have high performance in all respects. They are ahead of their direct competitors in many ways. As an official dealer, we have the opportunity to offer customers all available configurations and models of Chrysler cars. You can choose the car for your own budget. Buying a car from an authorized dealer means a factory quality that ensures long-term operation without breakdowns.

A car for modern drivers

Chrysler vehicles are characterized by high maneuverability and smooth handling. They have proven themselves well on city streets and off-road trips. Cars are equipped with powerful engines. Fuel consumption is average. The possibilities of these machines are quite numerous thanks to the various modern technologies that are used in their construction. In their class they occupy leading positions in many respects.

The manufacturer is constantly improving its models adding various innovative developments to the car devices. In the nearest future the company plans to produce hybrid models. They are gaining more and more popularity these days. The Chrysler lineup is represented by:

  1. Pacifica.
  2. 300C.
  3. 300C SRT8.
  4. PT Cruiser.
  5. Other models.

Having made a test drive on a car that you dream to buy, you will learn all the strengths and possible shortcomings. It is the best thing to choose a car that will be a reliable means of transportation from an authorized dealer.

Choose Chrysler car

If the dealer is near me it will be easier and more profitable to buy a vehicle. You will always be confident in the car when purchasing it from official representatives. Our consultants are highly experienced. They will help you find a car according to your requirements. As an official dealer we sell and service sold vehicles. You can purchase the manufacturer’s original spare parts from us. All vehicles are provided with a factory warranty, after-sales service during this period.

We also advise our customers on all issues related to cars. If it is necessary to repair the car the breakdown is eliminated as soon as possible. We use only original components from the manufacturer. Oils and other fluids used during servicing are specified by Chrysler.

Working on the market for a long time the dealership provides a full range of services related to the car purchase and maintenance. When buying a vehicle from an authorized representative, you will receive comprehensive information on all its parameters and characteristics. Excellent workmanship and reliability of parts allow Chrysler cars to remain marketed all over the world.

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