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Modern minivan Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

The company, along with the standard versions of the car with a gasoline engine, began producing hybrid cars. These machines have a high level of functionality, versatility, are equipped with a large number of high-tech systems, and are economical in fuel consumption. The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid series has received a hybrid powertrain, which is unique and revolutionary in its segment.

The new Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is essentially an electrified minibus that can travel 53 kilometers on electricity, without harmful emissions into the atmosphere. When the hybrid system is connected, the car can travel up to 35 km on one liter of fuel. For this class of cars, this is an absolute record. When the battery level drops to the specified values, the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid engine starts to work as usual.

The torque is provided by electric drives. Their work is done in conjunction with a 3.6-liter V6 engine, which is specially designed for this version of the car. In 2017, such an installation was considered the best among similar units. The battery pack is located in the back of the car. It takes just two hours to fully charge from a 240 volt network.

The minivan uses advanced technology, which consists in the operation of an electrically variable gearbox. The car has two electric motors, each of which can set it in motion. During travel, it is possible to use them alternately, which allows you to increase the power reserve, as well as charge the battery. For buying a new car, an official dealer will be the best option. The buyer will be able to pick up a car in the required configuration at an acceptable cost.

Construction Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

The plug-in hybrid installation was designed from scratch. It is executed entirely on its platform, developed from scratch. The car is characterized by excellent handling and good dynamic performance. The noise and vibration are very low. Stability is achieved through the structure of the body, which is light and stiff. For its class, the car is very maneuverable. Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid also shows decent aerodynamics, despite its size.

The interior in the car is very spacious. It is designed for seven passengers and certain luggage. The presence of a lithium-ion battery is not a hindrance. Cars of this class are characterized by:


  • high level of comfort;
  • spaciousness;
  • low noise level;
  • cost-effectiveness;
  • large power reserve;
  • other benefits.


When the dealer is near me, picking up a new Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid will be easy. All cars have a guarantee from the manufacturer, the possibility of service.

Car interior and exterior

The exterior of the vehicle is characterized by sweeping lines that highlight the benefits of the overall design. The car, despite its large dimensions, does not seem to be such. The body is perceived as a whole, the prominent elements are well hidden and invisible. In the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid model, you can highlight the front grille, made in a memorable design. The length of the wheelbase and low ground clearance are fully matched to the characteristics of a reliable family car.

The interior of the car combines practicality and high manufacturability. Among the advantages is a roof with panels. It opens above the driver's and second row of seats, allowing you to create an atmosphere of unlimited space in the large interior of the car. Inside, everything is done with the expectation of long trips, comfortable conditions for all passengers in the cabin have been created. Other features include:


  • a system using ultrasonic sensors for the most accurate car parking;
  • cruise control, which provides an automatic stop or the ability to maintain a distance between the car and the vehicle in front;
  • technology that warns of a possible collision;
  • system of corrective actions of the driver, if there is a departure from the required lane.


Also, other functions are installed in the car that allow you to display blind spots, turn on an additional rear-view camera, an electric parking brake, and stabilize directional stability.

Technical equipment of the car

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is a fairly high-tech car in its class, occupying a leading position in many respects. For the driver, a 7-inch information panel is installed, and an 8.4-inch center panel.

The minivan has a large number of unique functions that make it possible to use the modern gearbox of the car, which is a hybrid. For example, an application for smartphones allows you to remotely access information about the charge of the car. It is quite convenient, it makes it possible to plan your route and charge the battery on time.

The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid particular qualities a state-of-the-art rear-seat entertainment system. Two 10-inch screens allow you to watch entertainment content, movies, play games and connect to the Internet through a variety of devices.


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