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The Chrysler Voyager minivan is a fairly popular vehicle. Its sales began in Europe in 1998. This car copies such famous models as the Plymouth Voyager and Dodge Caravan. An extended version of the Chrysler Grand Voyager is also in stock.

The new Chrysler Voyager is an affordable and economical vehicle. It is perfect for a large family. By car, you can travel long distances, make daily trips around the city or beyond. The spacious salon allows you to easily accommodate 5 or even 7 people. Also, the car has a large trunk, which will fit all the necessary things. A wide range of engines is presented for this car series. These are powerful enough and economical motors that provide the car with good acceleration dynamics.

An official dealer will always offer profitable options for buying a car. You can pick up the Chrysler Voyager in the required configuration. All machines come with a manufacturer's warranty. During the warranty period, the car is repaired and serviced at the expense of the dealer.

Features of the car

The characteristics of the car are largely dependent on the installed engine. For models with a four-cylinder engine, low acceleration and average dynamics are characteristic. Moreover, such a motor is quite economical. Cars in which a 6-cylinder engine is installed are much more powerful, they have better acceleration and increased ride comfort. For cars with considerable dimensions, the Chrysler Voyager has high performance, it is quite mobile and comfortable. This model has repeatedly become the best among minivans in many respects.

The interior in the car is made at the highest level. There will be enough space for passenger in the cabin. Legs do not rest against the front seats, and the head against the ceiling. The standard equipment is characterized by the presence of plastic inserts, air conditioning and radio. For the Voyager XL modification, the basic package includes electric windows, cruise control and heated mirrors.

Cars of this class like the Chrysler Voyager have many advantages:


  • roomy salon;
  • easy handling;
  • good noise insulation;
  • voluminous trunk;
  • rich complete set;
  • low fuel consumption;
  • other pluses.


When the dealer is near me, choosing a car is much easier. Buying a car from us, the client will be sure of its quality and reliability. A wide range of configurations will allow you to find a car that suits all your requirements and characteristics.

A bit of history

Chrysler Voyager is a classic minivan from an American manufacturer. Family type car with a spacious interior, high level of comfort. The first cars went on sale in the automotive market in 1983. The machine was offered in two versions, standard and extended. The second got the prefix Grand for distinction. In the USA, it was possible to purchase a modification with a large number of systems; in European countries, it was not sold.

The first cars were equipped with engines of 84 and 92 horsepower. Over time, as it was updated, the power increased to 164 "horses". In 1988, modernization was carried out. The next updates were in 1990. At the same time, a modification of the minivan with all-wheel drive came out. It was produced by the Austrian company Steyr.

In 1995, the second generation Chrysler Voyager was released. The car received gasoline engines from 133 to 183 horsepower. A 116 horsepower diesel engine also appeared. The basic versions of the car were front-wheel drive. For some motors, four-wheel drive was installed. The next update took place in 2001, when the company released the 3rd generation of minivans. This Chrysler Voyager was similar to the second model but received a major redesign. The fourth generation of the minivan appeared in 2007. Its sales in America were no longer carried out.

Exterior and cost of the car

The Chrysler Voyager minivan has a modern, sightly design. Its exterior is complemented by steel wheels and various options. For the passenger row of seats, a sliding side door is installed. In the basic configuration, the model received various options, depending on the time of release. This is typical for cars produced in 2001-2008.

Rear seat adjustment and three-point seat belts are available as standard. There is also an airbag for the driver and a passenger, a CD player is installed too. In the basic configuration, power windows, heated mirrors and keyless entry can be installed. Additional functions include the installation of an air conditioner, climate control, parking sensors, heated seats, leather interior and rudder upholstery.

The most common engine for the Chrysler Voyager was a 3.3-liter 6-cylinder. Its power was 180 horsepower, it was paired with a four-speed gearbox. On some trim levels, a 3.8-liter engine with a capacity of 215 horsepower was installed. The most powerful engine was a 6-cylinder 3.5-liter engine.

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