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For many years, Ford cars have been considered the best in a number of parameters. Due to their practicality and high technical performance, they are in demand by a large number of users. Modern car models have a stylish design. The salon is made with high quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear. It will help to ensure you a comfortable driving experience. The appearance of cars is not inferior to its competitors, from a more prestigious class of cars.

It will be easier to buy a new Ford car if you have an authorized dealer working with you. At a reasonable price, the buyer will be able to select and purchase a car that suits him in terms of technical and operational characteristics. The Ford lineup includes cars for any occasion. Among them:

  • sedans;
  • pickups;
  • off-road vehicles;
  • family cars;
  • crossovers;
  • other models.

Ford cars are becoming more and more popular with our car enthusiasts. It is easiest to order a new car from the USA by working with us. We can offer a wide range of machines at an affordable cost. All cars come with a manufacturer's warranty.

History of Ford car production

The first Ford car models were produced in 1908. It was the "Ford Model T" that quickly became popular. It has been sold in millions of units in many countries around the world. Then the company became known in the USA, and after a while around the world. To date, the production figures for new cars of the company are quite large. In Europe, the company is in second place in the production of vehicles, and in fourth in the world. Over the entire period of the brand's work, more than 46 different brands of passenger cars have been developed and released into production.

New Ford is an improved equipment, modern, memorable design, excellent technical performance. The machines of this brand are practical. New technologies are constantly being added to them, giving a lot of advantages when using them. The company operates according to its basic principles. Among them, the main one is the production of cars that fully meet all customer requirements. High quality of assembly and components used in production contributes to the long-term operation of the car without breakdowns.

Large selection of models

Buy a Ford car from the USA will be available to everyone. A wide range of models will allow each customer to choose a car for their requirements. Passenger cars for everyday use have a corporate design. They are easy to recognize in the large traffic on city streets. The prestigious Mondeo sedan is made in sophisticated style. He will emphasize the high position of his master.

The Focus hatchback is the epitome of compactness and economy. It is ideal variant for busy city streets. Quite a powerful car with excellent technical performance. For those who love speed, the ST series will delight you with its capabilities. Station wagons and minivans are ideal for a family car. They have good roominess, a high level of comfort, and are easy to operate. For travel and long distance travel with the family, they are best suited. Also in the manufacturer's lineup there are other cars for business and off-road trips.

Car company lineup

You can choose a Ford car to suit the needs of any motorist. All modern technology can be found in these machines. The equipment is of high quality, comfort, easy to operate, and has an economical fuel consumption. A convenient car purchase will be a dealer near me. Here you can find the best equipment options, the right price for your budget.

All popular models are available for selection, and those that are in less demand. Among them:

  1. Focus.
  2. Mondeo.
  3. Kuga.
  4. Fiesta.
  5. Edge.
  6. Ranger.
  7. Fusion.
  8. Transit.
  9. Other models.

Working with us, buying a car will be easier and safer. We, as official dealers, give a guarantee for all cars. The buyer can be sure that the car is from the manufacturer's company. Conforms to all the declared parameters and characteristics.

Choosing a Ford car

If you decide to buy a car from America, the best option would be to order from an authorized dealer. A new car is really better than a used one. Buying a car and using the services of an authorized dealer, you will be completely sure of the high quality of the vehicle. Used cars are although a little cheaper, but can give you unpleasant surprises. You cannot know what kind of owner he had, how the car was operated. Therefore, having bought a used car, you can spend significant funds on its repair or various breakdowns.

By purchasing a new car from an authorized dealer, you can avoid unpleasant moments. Warranty service is provided for the first tens of thousands of kilometers. Buying a new car is a good investment. With us, the buyer will be able to choose a model with the necessary equipment and characteristics. Buy a new car, enjoy the operation and driving of a modern vehicle.

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