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“Ford” manufactures a wide range of vehicles but many people perceive it as a classic family sedan or city-only coupe. To strengthen its status as one of the leaders in the global automotive industry in 2020 the concern introduced to the market an updated version of the Ford Bronco a legendary SUV that had not been produced for 25 years.

Although formally the car belongs to the SUV class, in terms of its characteristics it is a full-fledged all-terrain vehicle. It is great for off-road, dirt roads, snow or field. Thanks to the modified design the car has received a number of improvements making it a stylish, modern and practical vehicle.

The return of the almost iconic Ford Bronco came with a lot of information support. The company is reasonably pinning its hopes on this car to increase the company’s presence in the market. It is worth noting that Ford engineers and designers have approached very thoroughly the reincarnation of the Bronco model offering a completely independent car with great competitive potential. There is only a small list of models on sale from other companies that can surpass this car in their characteristics however none of them has such a worthy history as the Ford Bronco.

You can buy a new Ford Bronco using the services of our website. We represent all the leading official dealers in the country to whom Ford supplies this model. We offer a responsible approach to sales that will allow you to get the maximum package of services when purchasing this spectacular SUV.

Model design and exterior

Ford Bronco looks austere, stylish and a little brutal. The exterior is a bit modest due to the lack of unnecessary details but this minimalism emphasizes the seriousness of this vehicle. The body looks attractive thanks to the straight lines and small flowing contours. Most of the car front part under the hood is occupied by a black radiator grill with large letters printed on the logo. They are easy to read on the model even from afar.

Minimalism continues with lighting fixtures. Headlights are made in a classic and rather rare round shape which is considered old-fashioned today. Direction indicators are installed discretely at the same level with them. The small lower front bumper which does not stand out in any way from the body is equipped with side lights.

One of the undoubted advantages of the car is its wheels. Huge, wide-profile 35-inch tires give this car the status of a true SUV. Depending on the modification the ground clearance of the Ford Bronco ranges from 211 to 294 mm. This high rate makes the machine insensitive to large rocks, pits, potholes and ditches. The manufacturer claims that in terms of ground clearance the Bronco significantly surpasses its competitors.

The suspension in the car is stiff and practically does not lead to a subsidence of the car under load. It copes well with the task assigned to it to ensure the comfort of the driver and passengers as well as the safety of the cargo.

The pride of the engineers who developed the latest modification of the new Ford Bronco is its roof. The removable hardtop easily transforms the Bronco into an open car. The roof is three-section and if necessary any section can be removed separately. All elements of the roof are folded into the trunk. The rigidity of the structure is provided by the longitudinal tube frame on which the hardtop is mounted.

Car modifications

The aggressive approach to the sale of the Ford Bronco in the North American market has led to the emergence of a large number of modifications to this model. They are designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding buyer in the selection of characteristics. Today the following versions of the car are available for sale from official dealers who can be found on our website:

  • Base;
  • Big Band;
  • Black Diamond;
  • Outer Banks;
  • Badlands;
  • Wildtrack;
  • First Edition.

Moreover each of these versions can be either three-door or five-door. Depending on the modification the 3DR or 5 DR index is added to the model name. This approach to labeling simplifies the sale of the model making the choice clear already by the name.

Quick car purchase

When choosing a Ford Bronco special attention should be paid to the engine of the car. The concern equips this model with only two gasoline engines of the EcoBoost line. It is a four-cylinder turbocharged engine with a displacement of 2.3 liters and a capacity of 274 horsepower and a six-cylinder 2.7-liter engine with a capacity of 315 h/p.

In addition you can choose the type of gearbox that is convenient for you. The 7-speed manual version will give you full control over the car. The most comfortable driving can be obtained with the help of the 10-speed automatic transmission.

Our website offers a convenient search for the car purchase place and allows you to find an official dealer near me. This approach provides the most responsible assistance in choosing a vehicle.




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