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Ford Bronco Sport

One of the most modern and promising cars created by the American automaker is the Ford Bronco. This SUV has excellent performance both in technical part and design. Thanks to the successful and thoughtful preparatory work of the company it immediately gained popularity. Thus the car confirmed the high status it inherited from the founder of the series released on the market in 1965. The modern Bronco car is produced in several versions at once. At the same time for marketing purposes the manufacturer singled out the most affordable version into a separate model Ford Bronco Sport.

You can buy this modification at the car dealerships presented on our website. We carefully approach the selection of sellers and include only trusted companies in our database. It should be noted that some official dealers have special privileges from Ford. It gives them the opportunity to provide customers with the maximum service at the lowest price.

Differences Ford Bronco Sport

The sports modification of the Bronco is in many ways reminiscent of older models but there are a number of features that give it unique qualities. The main difference between the bodies is the non-removable roof. This solution improves the rigidity of the overall structure and makes the machine less demanding in terms of overload performance.

Ford Bronco Sport is more focused on daily use than extreme driving. The clearance in this model is 198 mm. It is reduced in comparison with the head version. This solution gives the car stability at high speeds especially during dynamic cornering.

The overall body layout is the same as that of the Ford Bronco. It is a classic tall van with an eye-catching cockpit. Unlike competitors Ford did not make experiments to produce another car with a streamlined body trying to reduce drag. The Ford Bronco Sport combines the classic '70s pickup silhouette with a modern SUV design. Elegance is achieved by using modern elements:

  • round headlights of original design;
  • wide radiator grill;
  • factory tinting of all glasses.
  • stylish alloy wheels.

The dimensions of the Ford Bronco Sport are more modest than those of the regular version. The length is 439 cm and the width is 209 cm. With these dimensions the cab provides an appropriate level of comfort for both the driver and passengers.

It is better to buy a Ford Bronco Sport from an authorized dealer. In this case you will get access to all the main modifications of the car and be able to choose the one that suits your needs. A good ratio of engine power and vehicle weight will allow you to get a model according to your request.

Model advantages

Sale of Ford Bronco Sport can be carried out in one of two versions of gasoline engines. They are: a turbocharged engine with a volume of 1.5 liters and a capacity of 184 horsepower and a 2-liter unit with a capacity of 284 horsepower.

Focusing on providing maximum driving comfort the manufacturer installs an automatic eight-speed gearbox in the new Ford Bronco Sport. The transmission works very sensitively and smoothly appropriately changing the gear ratio depending on the driving dynamics and speed limits. Using a special clutch torque is transmitted from the engine to both axles providing the Ford Bronco Sport with all-wheel drive.

The driving performance of the new Ford Bronco Sport is quite high. The car is successfully controlled with the following features of the road surface:

  • ascent angle – 21.7 degrees;
  • roll – 18.2 degrees;
  • descent angle – 30.4 degrees;
  • the maximum depth of the water barrier is 45 cm.

These figures confirm the status of a full-fledged SUV for the Ford Bronco Sport.

Model modifications

Official dealers who can be quickly selected with the help of our website have 5 modifications of this car for the North American market:

Base: equipped with a 1.5-liter engine, 17-inch alloy silver rims;

Big Bend: in addition to the options of the previous modification a satellite navigation system is installed;

  • Outer Banks: the size of the rims increased to 18 inches and an improved audio system from the Bang & Olufsen brand is installed;
  • Badlands: installed two-liter engine, 17-inch wheels for any type of surface;
  • First Edition: limited edition of 2,000 copies.

Taking into account the variety of modifications of the Ford Bronco Sport you need to buy it only personally. A preliminary inspection of the car is required. This will help to evaluate all its advantages and driving performance. Using the convenient search form offered by our website you will quickly find an authorized dealer near me.


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