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New car Ford E-Transit

Ford has recently unveiled a new car which is already called the most powerful and technologically advanced among other commercial vans. The new Ford E-Transit will go on sale in 2022. It has already attracted tremendous attention from experts and potential clients. “Mycars” is an official dealer so its customers will be the first to purchase an innovative model.

Design features

Ford has announced the development of a new electric E-Transit van. The car received a design from the old generations and there are no cardinal changes in it. The main innovation can be considered the radiator grille which retained its hexagonal shape but received horizontal blue stripes. The logo of the manufacturer's company is also located on it. There is a charging connector under the radiator grille.

After restyling the interior has undergone a radical redesign. Whereas past Transit vehicles were simple the New Ford E-Transit has a lot of extras. On the central panel there is a 12-inch screen of the SYNС 4 multimedia system. Instead of a lever for shifting gears there is a driving mode control washer under the display. Changes have also appeared on the dashboard. Instead of a hand brake an electronic one is now installed. It is activated by a button located near the steering wheel. The CO-Pilot 360 complex will be installed in the car. It will be equipped with the latest security systems including:

  • functions of reading road signs;
  • all-round cameras for better maneuvering;
  • reading the markings and saving the car in a given lane;
  • adaptive cruise control and tracking the blind zones of the car;
  • emergency braking system in front of an obstacle.

Also cars of this series will be equipped with assistants for monitoring the traffic situation capable of diagnosing the car as well as tracking traffic jams. These systems will allow you to monitor the traffic situation and adhere to a given route.

Technical equipment

The dealer next to me offers a choice of 25 body modifications. Major changes are offered in height and length and a cab version with two or four doors can also be selected. The new electric van will be able to carry impressive loads weighing up to 1616 kg, and the modification with a side will allow transporting 1967 kg. A new high-capacity battery is located under the bottom of the car body. Thanks to the improved frame the large battery size does not steal space from the luggage compartment. In the most complete configuration the luggage compartment volume is 15.1 m3 and the curb weight of the car is 4250 kg.

For better performance and mobility the vehicle has been equipped with a 269 horsepower engine, 430 Nm of torque and rear-wheel drive. Also the manufacturer thought about the optimal battery consumption. For this purpose has been provided energy saving modes. The rear suspension becomes independent. It is done for better handling and stability of the car.

The manufacturer offers to buy a car with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 67 kWh. Due to this the car can cover a long distance and move without recharging from one city to another. On average charging takes 8 hours and 20 minutes. When a station of increased power is connected the charge accumulates faster. An authorized dealer offers the revolutionary Pro Power Onboard technology for connecting external equipment. It will allow you to use devices with a power of 2.3 kW.

According to the developers the future will belong to electric cars because they do not harm the environment and their maintenance is several times cheaper than other cars. Their only drawback is that the charge lasts for a short time but this problem has been solved for the Ford E-Transit car. Now it is considered one of the most powerful electric vans. In the USA there are charging stations at every turn so drivers have no problems.

Due to its technical characteristics the Ford E-Transit can be used for both personal and commercial purposes. It is suitable for a large family who enjoys spending a lot of time together and likes to travel often. Due to the large number of modifications cars of this series can be used for passenger transportation (taxi, transfer, etc.) and for freight.

Benefits of an authorized Mycars dealer

If you want to be the first to buy a hot new product from Ford take a look at the “Mycars” catalog. It is the official dealer of the manufacturer so all models appear here as soon as they leave the assembly line. Qualified specialists who will tell you about the main modifications work here. They can explain which model is more suitable based on your needs and field of activity.

The test drive is used so that even before the purchase the driver could understand how comfortable he feels while driving and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the model. You can sign up for it on our website or by phone. Our specialists will choose a convenient time for you.



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