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The mid-size crossover Ford Edge is designed by the engineers of the largest American car manufacturer for the category of drivers who want to get the most from their vehicle with a high margin of safety and reasonable maintenance costs. The machine copes well with the tasks assigned to it. It is suitable for the role of a city family car, and a car for moving around the country.

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Model development

Entering the Ford Edge is in line with the manufacturer's overall strategy to increase sales of versatile vehicles that will satisfy any driver. This machine is exclusively targeted at the North American market as it is produced at only one plant in Oakville, Canada. Following the best traditions of the American automotive industry, the Ford Edge boasts significant overall body dimensions and passenger space. In this car, a person of any size will feel comfortable both in the driver's seat and in the seats located in the second row.

The Ford Edge first rolled off the assembly line in 2006 and is still in production today. The successful concept of this vehicle made it very popular, thanks to which the car underwent restyling and modernization.

The second generation Ford Edge, which you can buy at showrooms today, went on sale in 2017. The improved version of the crossover is equipped with a large arsenal of electronic tools that simplify driving. Given the popularity of the car in the North American market, it will remain one of the leading players in its class for a long time to come.

Salon technical features

The car interior is made in the American style. Spacious seating for the driver and passengers will give maximum comfort during the trip. The leather upholstered seats are very comfortable, smoothly follow the contours of the body and relax the muscles. The massive handlebar makes the most of its area. It contains control buttons for individual machine systems.

The dashboard behind the wheel is made in a combined style. The tachometer and speedometer are analogous, but between them there is a display that shows information about the car. The hands of the dials are made with soft blue illumination class unisex.

A massive armrest is located between the driver's and front passenger's seats, which hides a compartment for small things. Places for glasses are located near the gearbox control lever. Above is the control unit for climate control and multimedia system.

The rear sofa for passengers is wide and comfortable. The center section folds down to form a small table, but takes up space for a passenger. It is pleasant to note that the manufacturer has provided full-fledged headrests in the second row of seats, which make the location very convenient.

Car exterior

Externally, the Ford Edge is a classic full-size crossover. The massive, streamlined body looks stylish and modern. The boot lid slides smoothly from the top of the vehicle to the bumper. The visor installed on it is equipped with a duplicator of the stop light.

A massive silver radiator grill is located on the front of the car. And since the car is an all-terrain vehicle for moderate off-road conditions, the standard bumper is made in a streamlined style. The correct external proportions of the Ford Edge make it a tasty morsel for all American car lovers. Other useful qualities of the car used in the design of the body include:

  • digital buttons for car alarm control from the outside on the doors;
  •  repeaters of a signal of turns on side mirrors;
  • roomy trunk with power outlet.

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Modification selection

The selection of a Ford Edge car is based on many facts. However, the leading one is the choice of the power plant. The model is supplied to the market with diesel and gasoline engines. The volume of the units is from 2 to 3.5 liters. Thus, you can choose an extremely powerful motor or give preference to economy. A six-speed manual or automatic transmission is responsible for the transmission of torque.

The Ford Edge has won many awards at auto shows. To be convinced of its advantages, we recommend that you carefully search for a seller and find an authorized dealer near me.




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