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New Ford Edge ST

The production of crossovers and SUVs is one of the most successful lines at Ford the largest North American auto concern. These cars are considered universal for their purpose. Stylish appearance and streamlined contours allow crossovers to be used as an executive car. The significant amount of space for passengers and boot makes them a very comfortable vehicle for the family. And thanks to the powerful power plant which older models are equipped with, all-wheel drive and high ground clearance you will get a full-fledged SUV by purchasing a car of this type.

The Ford Edge ST is the sporty version of one of the company's most popular crossovers. Allocation of this modification into a separate model emphasizes its excellent qualities. The easiest way to buy a new Ford Edge ST is from an authorized dealer in your area. An extensive database of reliable sellers who are presented on our website will help you choose the most advantageous offer for the purchase of a crossover.

Model history

The base model Ford Edge was launched on the market back in 2006. Thanks to the correctly selected characteristics, good build quality and competent marketing policy the car immediately became popular. This model is still on the assembly line due to constant modifications and improvements in the technical base. The sports modification of the Ford Edge ST went on sale only in 2018 and concentrated all the strongest aspects of the model. It is worth pointing out that the new Ford Edge ST is the first sports crossover from the North American manufacturer. Based on this the company approached its development with the utmost care and responsibility.

Changes affected the exterior design, interior trim and powertrain. The main focus was on increasing the power of the machine and installing larger engines. The Ford Edge ST has a modified six-cylinder petrol engine under the hood. Thanks to twin turbocharging it develops 340 horsepower. The torque of the power plant is 515 Nm which gives it good dynamics at the start. As a result of practical tests of the Ford Edge ST on the track the car accelerated to 100 km / h in less than 6 seconds. This is a very good indicator considering that this full-size crossover weighs 2,031 kilograms.

The car comes with an automatic eight-speed gearbox. The transmission is very responsive and smooth and the shifting is virtually silent. The gear ratio changes according to the engine speed allowing it to transfer torque to the wheels as efficiently as possible. The transmission is equipped with a sport mode which is activated using a separate button.

Unlike earlier previous models the Ford Edge ST is equipped only with massive 21-inch wheels. This model comes with high quality Pirelli tires from the authorized dealers that you can find on our website.

The suspension of the car has passed additional tests before being installed on production samples. As a result the Ford Edge ST can handle even significant bumps in the road providing the necessary comfort to the driver and passengers. The car feels good when cornering even with significant road roll.

Equipment of the machine

The Ford Edge ST is sold by official dealers of the company but not all of them can boast of the availability of models with the maximum configuration. Using the search engine on our website you can quickly find this model with the necessary equipment. When buying a new car you can optionally receive the following additional systems and functions:

  • two-zone climate control;
  • the mode of automatic switching of headlights when approaching oncoming vehicles at night;
  •  ensuring control over blind spots;
  • intelligent maintenance of movement in a given lane on the road in the stream of cars;
  • high-precision satellite navigation system;
  • ventilation and heating of the front seats;
  • controlled heating of the sofa for rear passengers;
  • heated steering wheel.

Don't put off buying a Ford Edge ST if you've decided to purchase one. This car gives its owner driving pleasure every day. Find a dealer near me on our website and personally appreciate all the advantages of this sports car.

External exterior

Ford Edge ST is stylish and harmonious. The streamlined body eloquently underlines the sporty concept of the car while positively affecting the reduction of drag. The massive window of the radiator grille contributes to better blowing of the engine with the flow of incoming air and hence ensuring for it the required temperature regime. Additional air intakes are located along the bottom of the bumper and near the wheels. The LED headlights merge with the body while the front side lights located below the main ones.

The car comes with factory-tinted rear doors and boot which is very appropriate. At the rear the sporty style is impressively confirmed by the twin tailpipe of the muffler. The boot lid opens classically upwards and is equipped with a small visor. Driving convenience is provided by the direction indicator duplicators located on the front mirrors.




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