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New Ford Expedition Max – roomy and stylish

The Ford car is a full-size SUV. In fact, this is an enlarged version of the Ford Expedition, only with large body dimensions, it is lengthened by 38 cm. The car has similar characteristics to the prestigious Lincoln Navigator. Until 2009, the car was assembled in the city of Wayne. It was later assembled in Kentucky. The last generation of the car came out in 2018. The entire line of cars received 3.5-liter engines.

The Ford Expedition Max is suitable for those who need a large SUV with a high level of comfort. The model has a powerful engine that allows the driver to feel confident behind the wheel on city streets and highways. Thanks to the extended base, the cabin is very spacious, with a large cargo compartment and three rows of seats. The only drawback is the large size, which makes it difficult to maneuver, but with prolonged use of the machine you get used to them.

The easiest way to buy a new Ford Expedition Max is from an authorized dealer. Here you can quickly select the desired configuration and color of the car. All models have an official manufacturer's warranty. We also have in stock or on order any original spare parts and components for the car.

Features of this car model

For the Ford Expedition Max and its smaller sibling, the Ford Expedition, various changes have been made in 2020. Among them are:

  •  availability of Co-Pilot already in the basic configuration;
  • new King Ranch finish;
  • Black Accent package, available as an optional trim.

Choosing a roomy SUV for trips of 5-7 passengers, this car model will be a fairly good option. In addition to roominess, it is possible to note a high level of comfort and the presence of various options that come as standard. The car underwent a complete redesign in 2018, changing many of its characteristics for the better. For those looking for a lower price, you can look at the 2018 and 2019 models.

The Ford Expedition Max, despite its size, has good acceleration and handling. The spacious interior and luggage compartment allow not only to comfortably accommodate 7 people, but also to carry a sufficient volume of cargo. If you use the service – the dealer is near me, it will be much easier to pick up a car. This refers to the characteristics of the machine and its cost. In the company, the buyer will find reasonable prices for the entire Ford model range.

The SUV stands out for its beautiful interior design. Already in the basic configuration, the user will receive a wide range of functions. The machine is characterized by high performance, moderate fuel consumption for its size and engine volume. If you are looking for a large SUV with good roominess and a range of different features, the base version of the Ford Expedition Max is a great option. The upholstery materials used in the cabin are very high quality. Here apply:

  • leather;
  •  tree;
  • aluminum inserts.

The machine, thanks to its long wheelbase, has a large cargo compartment. If all the rows of seats are folded out, it is 1,019 liters. When the third row is folded, it increases to 2245 liters, and the maximum with the second row folded is 3440 liters.

Additional features and equipment

The car is equipped with an informative entertainment system running on Android Auto. There are no cool graphics here, but the large 8-inch screen, thanks to the simple menu, is easy to operate. The touchscreen menu is quite informative and easy to understand. The center console has convenient adjusting knobs for climate and sound power. Additional features include:

  • voice recognition option;
  • radio from satellite;
  • availability of several USB ports;
  • access point to Wi-Fi connection;
  • availability of wireless charging;
  • USB ports on the third row;
  • audio system with 12 speakers;
  • HD radio.

The latest version of the Ford Expedition Max is powered by a 3.5-liter turbocharged 6-cylinder engine. Its capacity is 375 horsepower, it is capable of developing at a maximum of 637 Nm of torque. For all car engines of this version, a 10-speed automatic transmission is installed. Despite its size, the car accelerates to the first hundred kilometers in just 6.3 seconds. For the basic configuration, fuel consumption, according to the manufacturer, is about 10 liters in urban conditions and 13.6 liters on the highway.

The company, as an official dealer, offers the best options for buying cars. Despite its size, Ford Expedition Max is quite maneuverable and fast. It will be difficult to maneuver on busy city streets, but it is purchased for other conditions of movement. For off-road conditions, the car has an additional package of options. First of all, it is rubber with increased cross-country ability, reinforced shock absorbers, a differential with increased friction. The machine can tow loads weighing more than 4000 kg. The Ford Expedition Max car is a worthy successor to the line, in which the disadvantages of its smaller brother are removed and there are all its advantages.


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