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The new Ford Explorer is the epitome of the modern SUV

The car began to be produced by Ford in 1990. It was positioned as a medium-sized SUV and quickly gained popularity among users. Before it SUV class cars were not so in demand, motorists perceived them as a special vehicle designed for certain cases. The release of the Ford Explorer model has significantly changed the situation in this car line.

In total 5 generations of Ford Explorer were produced during the production period. The first model, produced in 1990, was equipped with a 4-liter 6-cylinder engine. The power of this unit was 155 horsepower. Together with the engine a 5-speed manual transmission was installed. The body of the Ford Explorer car was produced in two versions: for 2 and 4 doors. There were 4 different configurations:

  • basic XL;
  • XLT;
  • two-door sport version;
  • premium.

The power of motors was increased up to 170 "horses" in 1993. A limited edition of cars was also produced. They were declared by the manufacturer as the most prestigious and modern. This model was supplied with a compass on the front panel and a thermometer installed outside. Among the differences in the exterior are wheel discs and an updated grille. Together with the headlights it was painted in the same color shade as the body. They were chrome or black in other trim levels.

It is profitable to buy a new Ford Explorer from an authorized dealer. The car goes on sale from the manufacturer with all the necessary certificates and guarantees. It will not be difficult to find the right color and package. On your request we can bring a new car with the required characteristics and parameters. The prices are among the lowest for all vehicle configurations on our website.

Vehicle characteristics and capabilities

In 1995 the car underwent significant changes. This applied to both the interior and exterior of the vehicle. The car's suspension was updated which became independent and was more intended for the track. In the Explorer lineup two models were still left: a sports two-door and a standard four-door. Three different engines were installed two of which were 4 liters of 160 and 208 horsepower and a 5-liter engine with a capacity of 218 h/p.

The car was all-wheel drive. Three options were offered:

  1. Plug-in four-wheel drive.
  2. Four-wheel drive working automatically. Three modes were offered depending on the complexity of the road surface.
  3. Permanent all-wheel drive mode.

Two airbags were installed as standard. In expensive versions the package of options was expanded: power windows and heated rear-view mirrors were installed, the seats were automatically adjusted, 6 different options were available.

In 2002 the body dimensions of the car were increased which brought it as close as possible to the appearance of the Ford Expedition. The car had an automatic and mechanical transmission, an all-wheel drive system. When there is an official dealer near me it is much easier to choose a car with the desired parameters and characteristics. A large selection of original spare parts and components is always offered as well. The 2-door Ford Explorer variant has been discontinued since 2003.

Modern version of Ford Explorer

Significant changes have been made in the latest version of Explorer. Auto is now more of a crossover type rather than an SUV. This is facilitated by the updated version of the body made on the D4 platform pre-developed on the basis of the D3 intended for small SUVs. Big changes have taken place in the design of the car. To achieve the effect of a "floating roof" new body pillars which were darkened were installed in the front and in the center. This made it possible to smooth out the body lines of the car making them smoother. Many users say that now the car has a similarity to the Range Rover. This is partly true because the design was developed by the same person.

The new Explorer can also accommodate seven people. For transportation of large loads the seats of the third and second rows can be folded significantly increasing the luggage compartment. Interior decoration is carried out with various materials depending on the configuration of the car. For the basic version the seats are upholstered with textiles. For the luxury limited version genuine leather is used. An official dealer is the best way to buy a car quickly in the right configuration and at a bargain price.

In the basic configuration the car received an audio system with 6 speakers, cruise control, power windows. The driver's seat has 6 adjustment versions. The engine can be started without keys and there are safety systems that warn of a possible collision. The latest versions of the Ford Explorer received fuel-efficient engines. They have become more environmentally friendly and reliable. This is a 2-liter V4 with 240 horsepower. The second unit has a 3.5-liter V6 with 294 horsepower. The plug-in four-wheel drive makes it possible to select the mode based on the quality of the road. The car has changed compared to previous versions. Now it is more suited to the class of SUVs than classic SUVs.



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